pressing a safety button on a machineAccording to statistics collected by WorkSafe over the last 5 years show that there have been over 11,000 injuries to Victoria workers due to unsafe machines. Of these 11,000 injuries 441 have resulted in amputations of body parts, and over 71% of the injuries have occurred in the fields of manufacturing, construction, transportation, warehousing, and storage industries. While WorkSafe is quick to acknowledge that the machinery resulting in these industries are necessary they urge employers to do more to ensure the safety of workers who use these machines.

Some of the suggestions that WorkSafe offers for reducing machinery related accidents include:

  • Not allowing untrained workers to operate machinery
  • Ensuring that all machinery is in good working condition and has all the correct parts.
  • Workers are supplied regularly with information about the hazards associated with each specific piece of machinery and have knowledge on how to operate the machinery safely.
  • Ensure that workers can readily identify when a machine is not safe to be used
  • That all power to machinery is shut off before machinery is cleaned or maintenance attempted and all energy stored in the machine is emptied prior to attempting any maintenance work.

WorkSafe offered other suggestions to employers as well, and urged employers to follow through to help keep Victoria moving forward as a safe place for workers regardless of what industry they work in.