3 great reasons to consider furthering your career in health and safety

Some of the most important decisions you will ever make concern the career path you find most interesting. What you study in school, and the qualifications you seek once you leave can have a major bearing on your future. As scary as that may sound. it's really anything but.

The idea that your first job out of school or university dictates the rest of your career is out-of-date and irrelevant. Now, it's incredibly common for people to shift not just jobs, but whole careers multiple times throughout their working lives. It's a trend that's mostly applicable to the millennial generation – those born between 1980 and 2000. So, if you're part of this generation and feel like you need to try something new, why not move into the health and safety industry with a diploma in WHS

Why is it now acceptable to change careers?

If you're feeling guilty for wanting to investigate the opportunities in a new industry after just a few years in your current role – don't, you aren't the only one. According to a study from Deloitte, around two-thirds of millennials have expressed a desire to leave their current role by the year 2020.  

Don't feel guilty about wanting to change careers – you aren't alone.

This doesn't mean that two-thirds of this generation hate their jobs, however, but there is a greater focus on ongoing learning and personal development. If a certain job, organisation or industry doesn't provide opportunities for people to grow professionally, they're likely to start looking elsewhere. The same survey also found that this was the second-most cited reason for people exploring new avenues. A slim majority (51 per cent of people) looked for a role that aligns with their desire to grow personally and professionally. 

Measuring the demand for health and safety employees 

Put simply, health and safety professionals are a necessity for most organisations out there. Whether it's one that operates in the mines or a manufacturing business set up in a massive warehouse, they need people who complete WHS courses to guide other employees.

Essentially, these qualifications give you the opportunity to make a real difference within an organisation, from running training sessions to auditing existing processes. Due to how influential these roles are to the running of a business, Hays reported there is significant demand for capable professionals to fill vacancies.

According to the organisation, while the industry as a whole is experiencing a need for these professionals, there are a couple of positions in particular that are in even higher demand. They are: 

  • Health and safety consultants – With some states and territories experiencing legislative changes, organisations are looking for consultants to ensure they react appropriately. 
  • Lead auditors – For health and safety campaigns to work in a business, they need to be built on plans and processes that support worker safety. Auditors have an important role in ensuring these are up to standard. 

These are just two examples of currently in-demand WHS jobs that rely on people with the right qualifications. If you're committed to changing careers, choosing one with certified demand for new people is an important consideration. 

Online courses mean you can study for a new career when it suits you.
Online and face-to-face courses mean you can study for your new career as it suits you.

Join a world-renowned safety culture

The way a country governs its health and safety laws and regulations is important. However, it's likely that you've never thought about the way another country views Australia's commitment to keeping workers safe. While we may take the system for granted, other countries appear to hold it in pretty high esteem. Take our neighbours across the ditch, for example. 

New Zealand recently went through a major restructuring of its health and safety guidelines, with its Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment reporting that the new model was directly based on ours. 

So, if you want a career change that offers in-demand jobs in an industry that is recognised internationally for positive reasons, get in touch with AlertForce today to ensure you get a qualification that will put you on the right track. 

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