Alcoholics in the UK have found a new solution that has yet to be approved in their own country. Traveling to Latvia, alcoholics are implanted with a device which releases a chemical through the body over the course of a year called disulfiram causes a sever reaction to the smallest intake of alcohol including liquor in chocolates. Reactions include: palpitations, convulsions, heart failure, breathing difficulties  and possible death.Many heavy drinkers find that other solutions including the alcohol bracelet, rehab, and diaries did not help mostly because the solutions were to expensive or are ineffective since they are usually too intoxicated. Desperate alcoholics see the procedure as a “quick fix” due the the harsh symptoms if they lapse.There has also been a large interest from law firms and banks who see this as a inexpensive and efficient strategy for their staff since the country is now witnessing binge drinking as an epidemic.

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