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A local asbestos group believes the deaths from mesothelioma will soon rise above ovarian and skin cancers.

Vicki Hamilton from GARDS cites the rising rates of asbestos-related diseases in Gippsland as an example.

Hamilton’ comments came as Asbestos Awareness Week came to a ceremonial wrap on Friday.

Two men reportedly made an appearance at the event and spoke about their diagnosis.

“Been diagnosed with mesothelioma, which I’ve got say was really tragic the other day, the gentlemen that walked in, it was all his effort to hold back the tears as he told me what is wrong with him and it’s a devastating diagnosis to get,” she said.

Source: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-12-02/group-fears-rising-asbestos-related-deaths/5128142

A RAY of Light For Mesothelioma Suffers

A new treatment for mesothelioma may offer victims a glimmer of hope according to researchers.

The new treatment reportedly uses bacterial mini cells which lack genetic information and thus do not carry messenger sells into mesothelioma tumours. Scientists are confident the treatment is halting the growth of cancer in animals.

“Over the course of the experiment, which was about a month in duration, we found that the tumours didn’t increase in size at all,” said senior researcher Doctor Glen Reid.

“We find that the growth of the tumours is strongly repressed,” he said.

“So this is quite an exciting discovery, that micro RNA’s themselves can inhibit the growth of a tumour in an animal.”


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