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Occupational Health and Safety Queensland is looking into the discovery of asbestos at Bechtel’s Australia Pacific LNG site where union reps are reporting that Bechtel refused to allow workers to water the area for safety.

However, a Bechtel representative stated that it was not necessary to water down the area since all materials were bonded in cement thus preventing any friable asbestos from being released.

WHSQ representatives labeled the site as safe for work to go on throughout the weekend, however the affected area will stay restricted under state procedures.

This is not the first instance of asbestos concerns in Curtis Island LNG projects.

Nearly 100 electrical workers suffered asbestos exposure from prefabricated buildings that were imported from overseas last year.

Now asbestos has been reportedly discovered in mulch from the Rockhampton tip.

Asbestos is currently banned on any Bechtel or ConnocoPhillips projects so internal investigations have commenced.

According to a spokesperson for the company, small pieces of “bonded cement sheeting” were discovered inside a product  used for sediment control.

Bechtel Gladstone general manager Kevin Berg said “We want a safe and healthy work environment for all our people and together, we work relentlessly every day to achieve that,”


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