Bullying and Harassment Training

Many people these days find it hard to cope at the work place due to constant bullying and harassment from other workers. These activities affect a person mentally and even physically and as a result, the person does not deliver or perform well at work. In most instances, the victims do not actually know that they are being harassed, as some tend to think that these acts only involve physical contact. It is for this reason that there are number of bullying and harassment training courses offered to help those who are affected.

The work of these centers is to first enable one understand what these acts entail, what actions should be taken against those found treating others inappropriately. Harassment at work include acts like sending someone emails that are sexually suggestive, displaying offensive wallpapers or screen savers, making offensive or suggestive racial comments about someone, this comments may also touch on the other person’s religion, personal life and so on. Not only are these acts illegal but they also end up affecting the people subjected to them.

Bullying on the other hand can be defined as treating another person in a manner suggesting that they are less favored at the work place. This can be done either directly or indirectly through acts like yelling or screaming at someone, isolating certain employees from the rest, abuse (verbal and physical), intimidation, assigning employees meaningless or impossible to accomplish tasks, undermining other people’s performance by knowingly withholding important information and so on.

From this description, you can see that these acts have more to them that most people may not know. That is why it is important that people are trained in order to have knowledge on what bullying and harassment training entails. Bullying and harassment training is fit for both the employers and the employees, as it will also enlighten them on what the law says about these issues.

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