The Hybrid car was introduced to the Australian car industry 10 years ago, as the new environmentally safe alternative. Since then Australians have contributed to only 1% of the hybrid market. David Lamb from the  Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) believes the reason for lack of sales are due to the lack of intensives and the population is used to bigger cars. Alternatively, in the last 5 years Diesel cars sales have doubled. Experts have already stated that diesels is 30% more efficient than petrol and due to the uptake, the cars have already assisted in reducing Australian Co2 emissions. Volvo has challenged the Toyota’s hybrid Prius, with its own eco-diesel car the C30. David Lamb states that the cleanest option is an electric car that runs on renewable energy, but still has years of development to go.

Volvo’s new diesel C30

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