Self-made billionaire and stock trader Ray Dallio has updated his policy’s and procedure for his company Bridgewater Associated to firing anyone who has been overheard spreading malicious gossip three times about their colleagues .

“Dallio’s Rules” phrase that “ever say anything about a person you wouldn’t say to him directly, If you do, you are a slimy weasel.” The rule does is not subject to just the employees, managers are also subject to this new rule, both sides will be able to find out what “nasty nicknames” they may have acquired. While gossiping about celebrities and “silly stuff” are all fair game this new transparency is a first. Mr. Dallio claims that his employees are in favor of this new rule. Experts say that gossip is a passive form of bullying because the victim is undermined behind their back.

Traditional view of gossip has drastically changed.

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