Hand Safety Training

Brendan Torazzi

hand safety signThroughout life, our hands are constantly used for work and play. Our dexterity is accepted as a routine part of life. Occasionally, when an injury impairs the use of a finger or hand, we are reminded how much we take our versatility for granted.

The human hand is a wonderful instrument; it can perform delicate tasks and yet at the same time, has incredible strength. The hand contains numerous bones, ligaments and tendons which play an important role in coordinating movement.

Unfortunately, accidents to hands and fingers are the most common type of work injury. This video relates how hand accidents can be avoided.

Subjects Featured Include:

  • Safe Machine Operation
  • How to Adopt the Right Grip (and avoid repetitive hand strains)
  • The Importance of Using Glove Protection
  • The Care Required When Using Hand Tools
  • How to Avoid Hand Injuries When Carrying and Stacking

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Hand Awareness Course (16 mins)

This course is designed to give you the fundamental information you need to avoid injuries to fingers and hands in the workplace.


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