Asbestos AwarenessSimon Lowes is a  father of two, and a mesothelioma sufferer ( previous story here). He was granted more than  $2 million in  compensation after it was discovered that he contracted the disease by being exposed to asbestos waste when he was playing in a park as a child. Lowes has expressed his great disappointment that the company has decided to appeal the court’s decision.

The Supreme Court endowed $2.07 million in damages to Lowes after it was decided that James Hardie had caused,or significantly contributed to his cancer.Mr. Lowes was exposed when playing in asbestos waste dumped by James Hardie at the popular Castledare miniature railway site in Wilson in the early 1970s. The site was commonly frequented by children and Hardie had received warnings about dumping their previously by their safety inspector.

Lowes ‘lawyers have stated the he is very disappointed with James Hardie’s decision to appeal, since the company is now going to spend more time and money avoiding responsibility for his illness. After an arduous and long trial, mixed with the suffering of an illness, Lowes was hoping it was over. Lowes hopes that the company will reconsider their position, thereby accepting that they are responsible for exposing him to the deadly substance. Lowes, was three-years old when he was exposed to asbestos, he is now a 42 year-old parent.

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