Cafes, takeway shops and restaurants are now under pressure to enter the ratings system known as “scores on doors”. The scheme, which is part of the “name and shame” campaign, will demand eateries to clearly show their hygiene grade (A, B, C, or P) clearly on their windows/entrances. The system has already been in place in other countries such as Singapore, Los Angeles, and London with excellent outcomes.
The mayor of North Sydney believes that the scheme will cause eateries to clean up their act while reward places that are doing the right thing. It would also help restaurants that have already been shamed to regain customer trust.
At the moment customers need to go on the name-and –shame website to make sure where they are going is safe, but with the new scheme they will have the information before walking in through the door. The main goal is to have a consistent standard so a restaurant in Bronte with an A rating means the same with the A rating in Bathurst.

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