Worker Sets Workmate on Fire

A rail worker in Queensland has suffered severe and life threatening burns after a fellow worker decided to pour gasoline on him and set him ablaze. The man charged has described the incident as...

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Gas Explosion in Perth Building

A gas explosion in Perth has caused a building to completely evacuate. Luckily, workers in the building avoided serious injury despite the explosion causing furnature and office supplies to careen ...

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WorkSafe Accused of Bullying

WorkSafe, the agency that investigates cases of bullying and other human resources/occupational health and safety concerns have found themselves being accused of bullying. The accusation has been s...

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Construction Safety Concerns at Dam

Construction on an important part of the Cotter Dam project has been halted following construction safety concerns. WorkSafe called for the emergency stop upon finding safety concerns with the cons...

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OHS News: Mining Company Fined

OHS News: Mining Company Fined $90,000 After Pleading Guilty To Failing To Maintain A Safe Working Environment Stemming From A 2007 Incident That Seriously Injured A 15 Year Old Boy If you think t...

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Worker Falls from Heights, Manager Fined

The manager of a storage company has been fined $2500 after a working at heights injury. The manager, Craig Robert Lee pleaded guilty for failing to prevent adverse effects on an employee’s safety ...

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Electrocution results in $100,000 fine

The electrocution of a Gold Coast insulation worker has resulted in fining of his employers. Titan Insulations has pleaded guilty for failing to provide a safe work environment that adhered to elec...

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Hastened Safety Laws Endanger Miners

Unions have cautioned that the new safety regulations being rushed through by Canberra and the states, face the potential of endangering the lives of many miners working in at risk. This confined s...

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The Benefits of OHS Training Online

While OHS training is mandatory it used to be that it was often difficult for companies and employees to get their training when they needed it. Having to travel to distant locations, over night st...

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Oil and Gas Company Fined

An oil and gas company, Santos has been subjected to fines for breaching occupational health and safety laws. These fines are the result of a  2004 gas leak that injured a worker. At the time of th...

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Senator Fights for Asbestos Awareness

Senator Singh from Tasmania has vowed to continue to fight against the threat of asbestos. Since being elected to Parliament almost 6 years ago, Singh has worked with Julia Gillard to help eradi...

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Melbourne Prositute Sues Brothel

A prostitute in Melbourne has sued the brothel she worked at after being assaulted and having a gun pulled on her. The event took place when the woman refused to have unprotected sex with a custome...

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Asbestos Fears Prevent Demolition

Regardless of the community efforts to prevent the demolition of a closed down kindergarten building, the demolition has since been prohibited amidst asbestos fears. WorkSafe has stated that the...

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Methane Risk at Mining Facility

The risk of a methane leak has caused an underground coal mine to close in Hunter Valley. Workers were told to halt all procedures at the confined space until a proper investigation has been con...

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Doctors Take Fatigue Risk Survey

Several hundred doctors working in West Australia will document the amount of hours they work throughout the week  in order to ensure that it isn't unsafe. This campaign to combat risks of fatigue ...

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Sydney Nurse Stabbed With Butter Knife

A Sydney nurse has been hospitalized after being stabbed numerous times with a butter knife. It was 4:30am and the nurse was purportedly working at a computer when she was stabbed. This occupationa...

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Truck Driver Breaks Fatigue Laws

A truck driver, Terrence Michael Edwards, has been convicted for breaking fatigue laws .The worker was caught by a SAFE-T-Cam that indicated Edwards had worked the maximum amount of hours that one ...

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BHP Fatigue Management Issue

The Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union has alleged that the government of Queensland has collapsed to the pressures of BHP Billiton and has subsequently opted to leave out the dangers of...

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Riot At Training Centre Causes Injuries

A worker who works with youth at the Magill Training Centre has reportedly suffered from a gash four inches deep at the backside of his head. This occupational health and safety injury was sustaine...

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Worker at BHP Dies in Crane Accident

A 23 year-old-worker was crushed  to death by a BHP Billiton crane.  BHP has since halted its Port Hedland (where the accident occurred) port and rail operations following the death of the worker. ...

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4 Ways OHS Training Can Save You Money

While most business owners would agree that safety in the workplace is desirable and necessary they sometimes allow concern for the bottom line to overcome their better judgment when it comes to sa...

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Man loses leg in mining accident

A man has allegedly lost one of his legs and had the other one crushed following a mining accident  at Fortescue Metals Port facility in Port Hedland. A spokesperson from the company has confirm...

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First Aid Training: Saving Lives

First Aid Training: Saving Lives And The Quality Of Life In The Work Place And Beyond You never know when the unexpected will happen. Every day at one place or another someone suffers a heart at...

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Fire Safety at Clubs and Pubs

Fire safety issues in both pubs and clubs are the topic of investigation these days for Newcastle Police officers and New South Wales Fire and Rescue. A joint operation was conducted last weekend i...

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Why you need Asbestos Awareness?

Most people think that because there has been a concentrated effort towards asbestos awareness that the problems regarding asbestos are a thing of the past or at least declining. Sadly, this is not...

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Does the IMDG Code Affect My Business?

In most cases, people are creatures of habit and really aren't fond of change, businesses especially hate change when it comes to the institution of new rules and regulations that have to be follow...

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Who Should Become a NSW Owner Builder?

With the shaky economy and the slowly recovering job market, it has become necessary for many people to put off realizing their dreams or at least to find more cost efficient ways of realizing them...

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Fatigue Management needed at Jetstar?

Wow the papers are all a buzz today with the 'princesses' emails circulated by management. Classic example of where fatigue management is not being taken seriously by some senior management. The le...

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Harassment Training

If a person is extending behavior that is offensive, disturbing or threatening to you then this is known as harassment. Harassment can take place almost anywhere with a number of cases taking place...

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Food Safety

Supervisor Training (NSW legislation) Although the main role of the Food Safety Supervisor is managing the client's food facility, the food safety supervisor has a number of tasks that he has to fu...

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Food Hygiene Certificate

The purpose for enroling in a food hygiene certificate course is to raise the understanding required to attain high levels of handling food. This needs to be done in a safe and hygienic manner. Upo...

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Food Handling Certificate

Who needs a Food Handlers Certificate? Food is a basic need that everyone needs to live and survive. As such, there are safety measures that are related to any food handler since it goes into your...

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Drug and Alcohol Awareness

Alcohol and drug use can seem glamorous and fun but sometimes substance use creates occupational health and safety risks. Alcohol and other drug use is a major contributing factor in workplace acci...

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The smooth flow of duties and responsibilities in the workplace can turn out to be messy if this is left to be done through without proper consultation and a risk management approach. This is why c...

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Bullying and Harassment Training

Many people these days find it hard to cope at the work place due to constant bullying and harassment from other workers. These activities affect a person mentally and even physically and as a resu...

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Basic Fatigue Management

Fatigue is a kind of tiredness that can be both physical and psychological and it can take time to repay lost sleep (known as a sleep debt). For physical fatigue, one is not able to perform physica...

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General load restraint awareness

The carriage of loads brings with it a great amount of risk. This risk is increased if you and your colleagues do not adhere to safe load restraint practices. Load restraint training is designed t...

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