Learning Fatigue Management

It has been noted that driver fatigue ranks among one of the leading concerns for road safety. This means that all drivers who are constantly driving trucks and other vehicles on major highways nee...

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Workplace Harassment Training

Workplace harassment has been defined as using undesirable physical or verbal conduct towards another employee of an organization. With this kind of understanding at the back of the minds of the ad...

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What is Manual handling training?

Manual handling training is a process of training that spells a professional's guidance and regulations that are to be used in carrying out the stipulated task. The manual handling training include...

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Health and Safety Training

Health and safety training is ranked among the most important things that any business can offer to its employees. The extent to which this ought to be carried out will vary from one business to an...

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Who should do an owner builder course?

An owner builder is a person who does his own building work rather than employing the services of a licensed builder company or even individual. Before one can achieve this, there are processes to ...

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Why Asbestos training is needed?

Why is asbestos training needed? Asbestos Exposure and Occupational Safety are two critical terms. The naturally occurring mineral asbestos has been used in a wide variety of occupational settings....

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First aid training saves a life

Two years ago Sarah Gregory completed a first aid course just in case she ever found herself in a situation where she had to save someone’s life. Now the former Milford Haven woman has done just th...

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Jamie Oliver on food safety

While promoting fresh home cooking, Oliver also emphasizes the importance of food safety precautions. He has published numerous articles and videos on his website that are designed to teach people ...

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Manual handling safety

In most jurisdictions, manual handling is the leading cause of injury and can often account for around 50% of all injury claims. Manual handling effects all workers whether they be in manufacturing...

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Asbestos awareness

What are the historical uses of asbestos? Asbestos is the fibrous form of mineral silicates belonging to the serpentine and amphibole groups of rock-forming minerals. (more…)

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Forklift training – national campaign

A compliance campaign at targeted sites, with workplace audits, begins this month in South Australia as part of a national campaign to assess and improve forklift safety in the grocery wholesale an...

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Sharing News on Facebook & Twitter

Start to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. You can read regular news, updates and upcoming events on our Facebook Page and Twitter. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/AlertForce/151446651534...

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Forklift operator least stressful job

Forklift operators may face workplace safety issues and need forklift safety training but they have been listed by an online job board with librarians and piano tuners as the least stressful jobs f...

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About fatigue management training

All heavy vehicles with a gross vehicle mass (GVM) over 12 tonnes and buses with 12 seats (9 in NSW) will need to comply with fatigue management legislation. Under OH&S legislation employers ha...

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Defining workplace bullying prevention

One definition of workplace bullying is: "the repeated less favourable treatment of a person by another or others in the workplace, which may be considered unreasonable and inappropriate workplace ...

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Bully-Proof Your Workplace

In some cases a behaviour that is perceived to be inappropriate and bullying is nothing more than one person being oblivious to the impact they are unintentionally having on someone else. (more&hel...

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DIYers Are Advised to Be Asbestos Aware

Nearly half (47%) of homeowners who do DIY in their properties do not realise that asbestos was used as a building material in homes as recently as the 1990s, according to a survey carried out by t...

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Chain of Responsibility Training

A safety management system is designed to ensure the continued safety of the employees of a company. According to OSHAcademy, an online training center that offers courses in workplace safety, an a...

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Indian Aviation Fatigue Laws in Review

MUMBAI: While the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has made it mandatory for flight attendants to check on pilots during lean-activity periods in the cockpit to prevent the flying crew ...

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Fatigue Management Expert Joins NTSB

With the swearing in of Mark Rosekind and Earl Weener as members of the NTSB on June 30, the investigative body reached its full complement of five for the first time since President Obama took off...

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Manual Handling Training Certificate

Are you looking for a workers course for manual handling trainer that can be used for refresher training? We offer an online course for healthcare workers including those who work in aged care. Or...

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Manual handling training

Manual handling has often been associated with a high risk of injury; in fact, a recent assessment of causes of such risks ranks lack of proper training in the top five. (more…)

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Food safety training

When it comes to food, not many people think that following safety precautions is essential. But that is not really the case. (more…)

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Eco driving: general tips

Avoid peak rush. More traffic means more stopping and starting, not to mention stress and headaches, and the big one – so much time is wasted. Unless you absolutely have to, plan carefully to avoid...

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Sexual harassment awareness

Sexual harassment does not have to be repeated or continuous to be against the law. It can be a one-off incident. Certain conduct may only have to occur once to constitute sexual harassment. (more&...

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What is sexual harassment?

It is the responsibility of all employees to ensure that everybody in the workplace is free from sexual harassment. Every employee plays a significant role in ensuring the achievement of workplaces...

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What is a food safety program?

A food safety program: - Systematically identifies the food safety hazards that could occur in your workplace - It outlines the procedures that must be followed to control food safety hazards (more...

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Food Safety Policies and Procedures

Food Safety Policies and Procedures have become increasingly important for food businesses. Food businesses must: - conform to legal requirements - ensure that food is free from contamination Foo...

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Done with the training and it is very helpful and full of information that would be helpful in the future. Great Provider and service! I will def recommend to my friends. Thank You:)-Cham
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Completed the Free Asbestos Awareness Online Training and gained tremendous knowledge pertaining to the risks, procedures, controls and measures etc. Was introduced to various topics that were unknown to me and the audio-visual format of the course and knowledge checks give the trainee a sound understanding of the various topics covered whilst being digestible and easy to follow. Thank you AlertForce for the amazing training!
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Asbestos Awareness Training - very easy to understand, easy to follow to answer quiz questions and an unlimited amount of opportunities to ensure a pass mark.

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