WHS or OHS – which is it?

In January 2012, new work health and safety (WHS legislation) laws commenced in most states and territories to harmonise occupational health and safety (OH&S or OHS) laws across Australia. The ...

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NBN Co puts safety first

As part of their job requirements, employees at NBN Co must demonstrate clear knowledge of the company’s safety standards. AlertForce plays a key role by providing training for the employees. How d...

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21 things you SHOULD know about asbestos

The best thing to do with asbestos in good condition is don’t disturb it. Where it is damaged and needs to be removed, trained professionals must do the job. AlertForce has released this handy 21-p...

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WHS Mines Act 2013 Duties

The Work Health and Safety (Mines) Act 2013 (WHS Mines Act) has a wider application than previous laws.  It applies to all workplaces which are defined as mines – such as: Where mining operati...

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Mr. Fluffy Heads to West Belconnen

The Mr. Fluffy saga has been playing out in Canberra for more than a decade, and it is now expanding to New South Wales and other surrounding areas. It all started 40 years ago when raw, loose asbe...

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Top 10 Deadliest Jobs in Australia

So many things can go wrong on the job. You may strain muscles and tear ligaments in any line of work that requires movement, but some industries present much bigger dangers. If your job requires t...

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Air New Zealand’s Epic Safety Video

Air New Zealand's Epic Safety Video shows it's audience that safety doesn't always have to be serious, it can be fun too once you understand the risks. As the official airline of Middle-earth, Air...

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Where is asbestos found in the home?

Here are the top 6 places where asbestos is found around the home. Asbestos was a common building material in Australia prior to the 1990s. Beneficial for fire, sound and water proofing, this mater...

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Road surfacing safety a primary concern

Those undertaking a traffic management and control training program may be taking the first step towards a career in road construction and surfacing. Creating quality road infrastructure is a massi...

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WHS complaints rise in Queensland

New figures from the Queensland Work Health and Safety (WHS) authority show that the number of construction-related complaints has climbed significant over the past year.This is according to an Aug...

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Monthly News Roundup: July 2014

Another month has passed with serious asbestos revelations making headlines around the world. Staying up-to-date with asbestos-related news is an important consideration for any employer, as it hel...

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Staying safe on scaffolding

The construction industry often relies on scaffolding and elevating platforms to perform important work above the ground. In particular, Australia's capital cities have seen apartment building...

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Understanding asbestos in Australia

Asbestos exposure is a very real threat in Australia, with new discoveries made almost every week. Homeowners, contractors and workers all face serious asbestos-related risks across each state and ...

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Fire risk in confined spaces

In certain industries and locations, confined spaces can pose a serious fire or explosion risk. When flammable materials are present in high concentrations in an enclosed area, any spark or ignitio...

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Focus placed on safety in farming

A renewed focus is being placed on work health and safety (WHS) outcomes in the farming sector. This drive, supported by a number of WorkCover authorities across the country, has come after a Safe ...

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Traffic management guides released

National occupational health and safety (OHS) organisation Safe Work Australia has released a range of guidance materials designed to help employers improve employee and public wellbeing outcomes. ...

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Working at heights in high winds

As gale-force winds blew across the country this week, various occupational health and safety (OHS) organisations issued warnings to construction workers.Wind gusts can be extremely hazardous to wo...

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Asbestos training mandatory in the ACT

Asbestos awareness training is now mandatory for all employees in the Australian Capital Territory likely to come across this dangerous material during the undertaking of their work.From September ...

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Traffic management in underground mines

Underground mining is one of Australia's largest industries, with numerous shafts extended deep into local soil across most states and territories. Each year, these operations produce millions of t...

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The 5 step hierarchy of fall prevention

There are a vast range of considerations that need to be made when working at heights. The risk of injury or even death is present even when employees are required to undertake tasks only above two...

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New campaign to improve ceiling safety

A new roofing safety awareness campaign has been launched in Queensland, following the deaths of four insulation installers in 2009-10. Three Queenslanders were electrocuted, while a New South Wale...

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Leading risks when working on the NBN

The national broadband network (NBN) is an exciting and advantageous undertaking currently being rolled out across the country. Once complete, the NBN will ensure that all Australians have open acc...

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Fatigue Management and the WHS Act

In recent times, we have seen many awareness campaigns from the regulators in relation to fatigue and long distance driving.  The campaigns were designed to optimise safety outcomes across the indu...

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Spotlight on mining traffic management

The need for comprehensive traffic management plans in the mining industry has been placed in the spotlight following a number of high-profile incidents in New South Wales mines. Last year, 24 A...

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OHS construction site blitz

Leading occupational health and safety (OHS) body WorkCover New South Wales has announced a six-week blitz on work health and safety standards on commercial construction sites across Sydney.OH...

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