A nightmare Yagoona butcherey has been fined over $5,000 for using illegal chemicals to make his meat look more appealing and for complete lack of cleanliness.The butchery contained raw meat in contact with open salami, rusty hanging hooks and a rusty handsaw contaminated by old, dry meat. The walls and floor contained debris and dried blood. The butchery also used a a shopping cart as a container for raw meat. Mince contained an illegal substance called sulfur dioxide (SO2) which causes meat to look brighter in color so customers believe it is fresh and of high quality. Mr Whan, the Primary Industries Minister, has said” While the vast majority of licensed operators do the right thing, it takes just one dodgy operator to put the community at risk of foodborne illness, which can have a devastating impact. This is a clear message to those few rogue operators who continue to do the wrong thing – we will get you.”

courtesy of streetcorner.com.au