Bench Grinder Safety Course

Brendan Torazzi

off hand grinding Bench and pedestal grinders (off-hand grinders) are some of the most commonly used machines in industry today. When unsafe work procedures are applied to the use of abrasive wheels and bench grinders the results can be extremely dangerous.

Life-threatening injuries can occur when abrasive wheels shatter into dangerous projectiles due to incorrect wheel selection, use of damaged wheels or incorrect grinding procedures.

Topics Covered in this Program Include:

  • Handling and Storage of Wheels
  • Selection and Types of Wheels
  • Mounting of Wheels
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Preparing the Grinder and Wheel for Use
  • Safe Grinding Procedures

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Off-hand (bench) Grinding Safety Course (12 mins)

This course is designed to give you the fundamental information you need to safely operate bench and pedestal grinders.


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