When Google integrated an online version of Pac-Man onto their website  the US alone lost $145 million dollars in one day. Other problems business have on loss of productivity is absenteeism which is on the increase in banking, finance, and insurance due to the increase of stress in jobs. Sam Chapman a professor in public health and the University of Sydney did the math on smoking, “”When you add transit time, smoking a cigarette takes about 10 minutes, so the 5.4 breaks a day adds up to just shy of an hour. Multiply that by 48 weeks a year, five days a week, and you get 216 hours a year – more than five weeks – that smokers get extra ”leave”.” A new form of loss of productivity is “presenteeism” when workers show up to work when they are sick or suffering anxiety or depression. However the drinking culture in Australia costs a whopping $5.6 billion a year with employees showing up to work drunk or still hungover from the night before. WorldCup late nights are expected to increase the rates of loss of productivity.

courtesy of smartcomany.com.au