If you want to remain safe while working around materials that may contain asbestos, you need proper training. In fact, awareness training is often mandatory.


With quality asbestos training, you or your workers can learn the necessary steps for identifying and removing the hazardous material.


The training starts with awareness, which provides more details on identifying and safely handling the substance. For removing it, additional training is necessary.


With a variety of courses available, knowing what steps you need to complete can be a challenge. Here is what you should know about asbestos awareness training Sydney.


How Much Does It Cost for an Asbestos Removal Course Sydney?


At AlertForce, we offer five different asbestos training courses, ranging from online awareness training to classes that teach the proper steps for removing the substance. These classes are necessary for understanding the potential risks of the material. In some cases, workers need to complete these workshops before removing the substance.


The cost varies based on the duration of the training. The online course costs is normally $97. When companies qualify for specific conditions, workers can enrol in the asbestos awareness course Sydney online for free.


The class B class typically costs $347, while the class A removal course normally costs $997. However, companies often enjoy discounts, depending on the program and the number of workers enrolled. Here is a breakdown of the costs:


  • Awareness program – $97 (but can be free)
  • Class B – $347
  • Class A – $997
  • Supervise removal – $447
  • Conduct assessment – $997


How Long Does Asbestos Removal Training Sydney Last?


The duration of the program varies. There are several different types of training. For example, you can complete the online awareness course at your own pace.
The remove non-friable asbestos class B and CPCCBC4051A courses each last one full day. The remove friable class A course and conduct assessment course each last two full days.


How Many Levels of Training Are there for Asbestos?


At AlertForce, we offer several levels of training, starting with the online awareness course. After completing the awareness program, workers may complete additional courses to earn their competency for asbestos removal. The complete list of classes includes:


  1. Awareness online
  2. Remove non-friable asbestos (class B)
  3. Remove friable asbestos (class A)
  4. Supervise removal course
  5. Conduct assessment removal


You may not need to complete every course listed. Workers typically only complete the removal courses when they will be expected to remove the substance. However, the awareness course is often mandatory and covers the following:


  • Identifying asbestos-containing materials
  • Safe handling procedures
  • Appropriate control measures
  • Detection of naturally occurring substances
  • Detection of loose-fill substances


Electricians, carpenters, plumbers, painters, gas fitters, emergency services workers, and construction workers are among a few of the professionals who require this training.


Do You Need a Licence for Removal in Sydney?


Workers need a license to comply with the laws for safely identifying and removing more than 10 square meters of the material. The necessary courses for this licensing are available from a registered training organisation, including AlertForce.


Workers need to complete the necessary courses based on the type of substance. There are two classes of removal licences available:


  • Class A authorises workers to remove friable asbestos
  • Class B authorises workers to remove non-friable asbestos


To enrol in these classes, workers need to be over the age of 18 and provide the name of the supervisor. Workers that intend to supervise others need to complete the supervise removal course.


Friable asbestos (FA) often includes fine materials and dust. These materials are more likely to release high levels of asbestos fibres into the air. Workers often find FA fibres in boiler insulation, sprayed insulation, fire retardant material, and pipe lagging.


Non-friable asbestos (NFA) comes from bonding compounds such as cement with small amounts of the substance. These materials still pose a health risk but are less likely to release fibres into the air. Cement sheets, cement-moulded products, vinyl floor tiles, roofing, and other buildings materials have a higher risk of containing NFA.


Workers do not need licenses to remove less than 10 square metres of NFA or for minor contamination. Always check with your local regulations to determine whether you or your workers require any additional classes.


How Do You Get a Licence in Sydney?


If you want a quality training in Sydney, choose registered training organisations, such as AlertForce. We have years of experience providing reliable health and safety training.


We offer nationally recognised courses for all categories of education, including CPCCDE3014A Remove Non-Friable Asbestos Training.
To receive your license or certification, begin organizing your asbestos removal training today.

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