According to the safety requirements of the OHS Act 2000, employers must provide workers with the necessary training to ensure safe working conditions. This includes the need for training when operating an elevating work platform. If you or your employees operate an EWP, learn more about the Operating Elevating Work Platform course in Sydney.

What Is the Operate Elevating Work Platform Course in Sydney?

The course is designed to give workers the information needed to safely operate a boom-type elevating work platform with a boom length of under 11 metres. The training covers the use of EWPs that do not require a High-Risk licence. This includes the following types of platforms:

  • Scissor lifts (SL)
  • Vertical lifts (VL)
  • Boom lifts (BL)


The EWP course is designed to meet the requirements for earning an EWPA Yellow Card and a TSHA Telescopic Gold Card Handler licence. It follows the RIIHAN301E – Operate Elevating Work Platform unit of competency. Please note that this does not cover the EWP ticket Sydney for operating an EWP with a boom length of 11 metres or more.


EWP courses are intended for those working in operational roles. It is required for those who need to obtain an operator licence, which includes those who already have a High-Risk licence or a working at height ticket. You may also need to complete the training if you have an old Yellow Card or have not completed the training in the past five years.


The course includes a combination of classroom learning and practical training. Attendees must wear sturdy shoes and appropriate attire.


What Types of EWP Licence NSW Do You Need to Work on EWP?

The licensing depends on the type of elevating work platforms. For example, if you work on an EWP with a boom length of fewer than 11 metres, you need an Elevating Work Platform Association (EWPA) Yellow card NSW. For EWPs with a boom measuring 11 metres or more, you need to obtain a high-risk work licence NSW.


The high-risk work licence is needed to perform high-risk work. The national high-risk work licence does not apply to EWPs covered by the RIIHAN301E unit of competency.


You also need a separate licence for operating a telehandler. If the telehandler does not meet the requirements for a High-Risk work licence, you need to obtain the Telehandler Gold Card, which is administered by the Telescopic Handler Association of Australia (THSA).


What Qualifications Do You Need to Operate EWP in Sydney?

To meet the qualifications to safely operate a boom-type EWP in Sydney, you need to follow the WorkSafe guidelines. This includes the need to follow safety procedures, report hazardous situations, and listen carefully to your employer’s instructions.


What Are the Prerequisites for Elevated Work Platform Training Sydney?

To enrol in an EWP course, applicants must be at least aged 18. You will need to supply a form of photo identification, such as driver’s licence or current passport. Depending on the work environment, you may also need to complete white card training before taking the EWP training course.


What Are the Operate EWP Course Outcomes?

The EWP course is divided into three sections with specific outcomes. Each section covers a different aspect of operating an elevating work platform. Here is a closer look:

  • Plan and prepare for operating an EWP
  • Operate an EWP in line with established requirements
  • Conduct housekeeping activities


The first element of the course covers the work requirements for operating an EWP. You also learn how to confirm hazards, risks, and environmental issues. Attendees learn how to select and wear personal protective equipment (PPE) and obtain emergency procedures for the EWP.


Along with planning for operating an EWP, the course explains the safety requirements for carrying out pre-start and post-start inspections. You learn how to identify faults or defects in the platform and apply specific requirements for relocating an EWP.


The learning outcomes for the third element of the course include the steps needed for clearing work areas and disposing of materials. You also learn how to check, clean, maintain and store the EWP and all applicable tools and equipment.


How Much Does the Operate EWP Course Sydney Cost?

The average cost of the course is $400. However, the cost may vary based on the size of your group. In some cases, a discount may be applied.


How Long Is the EWP Training Sydney?

The Operate EWP Course in Sydney typically lasts one full day. The duration depends on the size of the group. After successfully completing the course, you receive a statement of attainment. Contact AlertForce today to enquire about available dates, costs, and duration.

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