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Paralympians inspire safety at work [VIDEO]

Working at heights training and other OHS programs are vital for reducing the risk of injuries in Australian workplaces. A fall from height can often result in serious injuries, such as paralysis.

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Where can asbestos be found in the home?

Asbestos is a very real risk in Australian homes. Here are the areas you should be wary of when performing renovations or demolition.

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Third annual Mesothelioma Registry released [VIDEO]

Asbestos exposure is a very serious problem in Australia, with people in a range of occupations facing potential contact with this deadly material during the course of their employment.

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WHS News Recap – WHS obligations [VIDEO]

When dealing with work health and safety in the workplace, it is vital that you understand your obligations as a manager, director or officer.

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WHS News Recap – Working at Heights [VIDEO]

August is National Tradies’ Health Month, which means now is the best time to consider the Work Health and Safety risks that face tradespeople in Australia every day.

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Asbestos Monthly News Round Up: August 2014

Asbestos is a serious issue in Australia, with a huge range of vital news stories making headlines each month. Here are just five examples.

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WHS News Recap – Traffic Management [VIDEO]

Traffic management training is a serious work health and safety consideration for businesses across almost every industry. However, some sectors are more at risk than others, according to recent headlines from around Australia.

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Asbestos dumping prompts call for education

Illegal asbestos dumping is a serious and dangerous offence. Ensure you’re doing it right by accessing asbestos removal training from AlertForce.

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Government body fined after workplace death

Traffic management training is a serious consideration for any employer whose undertaking can be reasonably expected to interact with the public.

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WHS complaints rise in Queensland

Queensland’s construction industry is a high-risk sector, with work health and safety complaints on the rise. Address the concerns with WHS training.

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OHS News Recap – NBN Safety and Awareness [VIDEO]

The National Broadband Network is being steadily rolled out across the country, with more Australian homes connected to the service every week.

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OHS News Recap – Working at Heights [VIDEO]

Working at heights training is an important consideration in many industries across Australia, but some sectors are more dangerous than others.

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Safety audit reveals gaps in Tasmanian mines

Protecting employee health and safety in mines is a vital consideration. Fortunately, traffic management and confined spaces training can help.

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Handling & Storing Hazardous Chemicals – OHS / WHS Newsletter – August 2013

This month: Your duties in relation to Labour Hire Workers A PCBU needs to ensure that all chemicals that are used, handled, stored or generated by the workplace have been identified in consultation with workers. The identification of hazardous chemicals can be completed by referencing the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) (Formerly Material Safety Data Sheets

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AlertForce Raises Almost $5000.00 in Charity Auction

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE AlertForce Raises Almost $5000.00 in Charity Auction POTTS POINT, NSW- Australia’s Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) and environmental training company, AlertForce (AF) helped raising money for a charitable organisation by auctioning off certified OHS training courses. Six AlertForce  training courses  were offered  and ALL subsequent proceeds were donated to The Very Special

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OHS Newsletter – June 2012 – Visitors & Volunteers

OHS for VISITORS, VOLUNTEERS & VOLUNTEER ORGANISATIONS Since the introduction of the new Work Health and Safety (WHS) laws, there has been some confusion about the responsibilities of visitors and volunteers. This summary may help to clear up any misunderstanding or confusion in relation to visitors and volunteers. Most importantly, a PCBU whose activities include

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OHS Newsletter – April 2012 – WHS Consultation

Introduction Welcome to AlertForce’s third monthly newsletter. In our very first newsletter for 2012 we asked the question – Are you prepared for WHS Consultation, co- operation and co-ordination on safety and welfare issues? This month’s newsletter focuses on establishing workgroups, electing Health & Safety Representatives (HSRs) and establishing Health & Safety Committees (HSC). Consultation

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OHS Newsletter March 2012 – OHS Harmonisation

Introduction Welcome to AlertForce’s first monthly newsletter which will focussing on OHS Harmonisation. This will give you a snapshot of the major issues at hand. 1. WHS Consultation Are you prepared for WHS legislation consultation, co-operation and co- ordination requirements? What’s changed? It could be said that nothing has changed and workplaces have always been

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