Mining Shiftwork Fatigue Management

Do you have a 24/7 workforce operating 2-3 shifts per 24 hour period? If you do, then you'll know that fatigue is a risk that needs to be managed. You need fatigue management training for the workplace but to also educate your employees on the dangers of commuting when fatigue is often underestimated.+ Learn More

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Our Fatigue Management Courses:
– Are 90 minutes in duration (can be extended if required)
– Are completely flexible with out of standard hours delivery times if required
– Cover your company fatigue management policies
– Cover the fatigue management risks of commuting
– Cover the science of sleep: Sleep Cycles, Body Clock, Sleep Debt
– Cover fatigue: What causes fatigue, warning signs of fatigue and high risk times of fatigue
– Any other fatigue management / shift working issues you wish to cover

AlertForce are also a Registered Training Organisation specialising in fatigue (NTIS91826) – so if you need accredited training we can adapt the course to your requirements (although this is a longer course). Call 1800 900 222

Please call us on 1800 900 222 to discuss your requirements. Also fatigue management training experience working in construction, rail, manufacturing and health industries. Contact us now.

AlertForce run general awareness fatigue management sessions for mining staff. Our short courses are designed to be 90 minutes long and designed to be interactive. The interactive component highlights the positives of shift work by promoting discussion and sharing personal stories of how fatigue affects us all. Talking about sleep and fatigue management typically invites opinions from all staff and participants walk away with knowledge on how to better manage their sleep opportunities.

Our fatigue management short courses are delivered face to face and can be delivered to larger groups. AlertForce have worked mainly with the coal industry (underground and above) and we are able to travel to deliver the training onsite at times to suit you. Many of the sessions fatigue management training courses we have delivered are out of hours before or after various shifts finish. We also have the added advantage of being able to deliver online – so if you need a customized, flexible and blended solution – we are the trainer for you.

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