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Our unique Strategic Incident Analysis course has been developed in consultation with experts in the field of incident root cause analysis and risk mitigation.+ Learn More

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What is Strategic Incident Analysis?

Strategic Incident Analysis is at the core of creating a safe workplace. It is a set of strategies and protocol for figuring out:

  • Why an incident occurred;
  • how to make sure it doesn’t happen again;
  • how to anticipate and mitigate accidents; and,
  • how to continually improve the safety of any workplace.

Our unique Strategic Incident Analysis course has been developed in consultation with experts in the field of incident root cause analysis and risk mitigation. It takes the principles of Incident Cause Analysis Method (ICAM) and delivers them in a fresh new, accessible and practical framework.

If you want to learn the most effective ways to analyse workplace incidents with a view to making your workplace as safe and productive as it can possibly be, then you need to do this course. Over two days you will learn:

  • how to identify what conditions and failures can lead to workplace accidents including an introduction to principles of control layers and the “swiss cheese” effect
  • how and what data to gather and analyse
  • what your legislative requirements are
  • how to properly investigate accidents and near misses
  • how to apply strategies of continuous improvement

Your trainer will refer to real life examples that fully illustrate the contexts in which SIA can take place and will take you through examples step by step so that you fully understand the demands and obligations of an incident investigator. At AlertForce we believe that theory is only useful if it can be practically and effectively applied and that is exactly what this course does.

If you’ve been put off in the past because the theory associated with ICAM seems overwhelming, too technical, or not relevant to your workplace, then our SIA course is for you.

Our SIA course delivers the material is a way that is:

  • Thorough – it meets two nationally recognised units of competency
  • Accessible – step by step formats, real world examples, no unnecessary jargon
  • Practical – it gives you strategies and tools you can put into place immediately

Subject areas such as the principle of Kaizen, the Swiss Cheese effect, and the 5-Why method might seem mysterious and confusing now, but by the end of the course you will have a comprehensive understanding of these principles and many more, and know how to apply them to great effect in your own workplace.

Who should do Strategic Incident Analysis training?

If you’re thinking that incident analysis is only for hazardous workplaces like factory floors, building sites and the like, think again. Accidents can happen anywhere, and they can have a devastating impact on the workplace. Personnel involved in operations, maintenance and HSE (health, safety and environment) management can all benefit from SIA training, whether they are training to become a Lead Investigator or to build on their knowledge and skills as support staff.

A huge range of industries can profit from SIA training including: construction, transport and logistics, telecommunications, schools and universities, government offices, engineering, retail, trades and services, community services, performing arts, and hospitality and tourism.

Ensuring that your workplace has an adequately trained investigations team on site:

  • Ensures most useful lessons are learned from any incident that arises in a timely fashion;
  • Ensures an environment that is being continually monitored for improvements in safety;
  • Contributes to a workplace in which the responsibility for maintaining strong safe working procedures is valued by everyone.

Now is the time to put these practical measures in place so that you can start building a safer workplace today. In a workplace where safety is taken seriously, and the correct measures are communicated and implemented, staff feel respected and confident and can get on with their work in a framework that supports them.


  • A Certificate of Completion is awarded when the training has been completed
  • A Statement of Attainment is available to those who complete the associated assessments which involve some additional work

The course units of competency can count towards at Certificate IV in Work Health Safety or Diploma in Work Health Safety depending on your particular situation. You can check here for more information and details about the study requirements.

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