Sean Neville-Smith

Asbestos Awareness Training – Very informative with great course content

rosito punongbayan

Its a great experienced for me to learned about safety measure and hazardous for asbestos awareness.thank you so much..


Great to be able to do online course

Leanne Savage

Useful asbestos awareness online.

Maryna Sauer

Very informative course. Well presented

Emily Oswin

Easy to follow and very educational course.

Ayesha Cheema

Hassle free experience!!!

Rebecca Breust

Easy to use and would recommend

Daniela Lima


Chris Harrigan

manual handling training construction. course had adequate information.

mixey hourigan

great site

Michelle Exton

Easy to understand and follow – ticked all the boxes! Thanks

Afif Ahmad


Fatimah Mohammed

great course quick and easy. lots of information plus easy learning

Resto Admin

Course Name: Asbestos online
Very informative and a bridge of answers to anyone learning the basics of asbestos and actions required once discovered. Thank you

John Eddy

The course was informative and easy to follow

Andrew Neal

fully sick bro

Christine Acena

informative and convenient.

CCW Admin

Very good knowledge & awareness sharing

Peter Davies

great course

DrainJet Pty Ltd

Very informative, thankyou


I completed the Asbestos Awareness Training and found it very informing. would recommend



Gustavo Baillo

Great course

Taher Charif

extremely easy to use!

Piruthivirajh Kathirgamanathan

Good teaching method

Stephen Gilbert

asbestos awareness online course – easy to understand and use

Tayla Popplewell


Tennyle Quay

Nice and straightforward to doand complete

Joel O’Reilly


Laura Wills

Done for my boyfriend, great service

Peter Lloyd

Good information. Well presented

Jayce Ebert

Very easy to understand and very relatable.

MaryJane Overall

very user friendly and easy to understand and learn

Tarrek Sarr

Very imformative and easy to get the appropriate information

Doan.P Pham

it is a great course!

Lance Godfrey

Easy to use, understandable and thorough

sangam ghimire

it’s good to complete my course from here in Asbestos awarness training

Scott McGregor

Extremely detailed course with all areas of Asbestos risks covered

Benjamin Goritsas

Very easy and straight forward site to use. Highly recommend.

ono nia

very happy

Sam Zheng

Realy like the course, easy to understand, study at your own pace! Very useful.

Kate Bartlett

Quick & Easy

Stuart King

Great courses and content at very reasonable prices

Taylor Pritchard

easy done great set up

Joseph Ramos

very informative

Eleanor & Karl Cadalbert

That was awesome.

jack parso


Dave Demko

Very informative

Hassan Hoblos

great course, highly recommend it

Greg Isaac

very strait forward

Brad Davis

Great to learn

Beverly Albaniel

Detailed lecture about manual handling techniques in eneraal but very limited about the healthcare setting.

ThatRanga Plays

jake-very easy

Nadia Conti

Slow but necessary!

Kerrie Prutti

Great way to learn Manual Handling For Construction

Neil Hawkins

easy and great

Melissa Barker

when doing the final assessment the person talking says select 3 of the following but reading the question it says select FOUR a little bit confusing

Vanessa Mcintosh

Excellent! Online content that is detailed yet easy to use. Recommended

Renee Ward

quick and easy

Daniel Luscombe

asbestos training

Bec Vassallo

Great course, easy to follow and learn

John Caruana

Good informative online course.

Richard Heydenrych

It was great and easy to use. There was a mistake in the final test where the question ask to select four and the audio said select 3.

Josh Spalding


Frank Lemckert

Easily understood and well presented. Needs some spelling and punctuation errors fixed up – otherwise would have given it 5 stars.

Natalie Collis

Good refresher

Daz B

Quick thorough and convenient, good one

Steeve Martin

Very instrutional.

Kristin Purves

Very thorough course

balumahesh kummaris

I’m very Interesting .It’s very useful ,really I’m impressed

Michael Akinido

Well detailed course content and material. Superb training video slides.Highly recommended.

Anna joseph

Course was easy to understand and relevant.

Administrator MACN

Great course

Jessica Hunter

Gave adequate information to complete the course, and even some information I did not previously know from other Manual Handling courses!

Julie Hollonds

I found the content very interesting and informative and very user friendly

Carole M

AlertForce Manual Handling Training for Office Workers – Informative training module

Sean Delpopolo

The course was thorough, easy to follow, informative and relevant to what we do. Having it online such that you can complete it in your own time was also a huge plus.

Pawel Bres

Very well organized and easy to do. The only inconvenience that make four not fife stars, is the size of the window of the course and tests. It could not be enlarge (firefox) and it was difficult to read.

Elisabeth Bauer

Not a bad course, easy to complete and definitely doesn’t take an hour, I found it to be a little too expensive for an online course and content it provided.

Peter Baysic

accurate and well presented

Claudia Wastell

it was great

Luke Nolan

The course was very informative and well presented.

skye cantarakis

great, very educational

Murray Marsden

Great company … fulfilled all my expectations

Cameron McLeod

The course was easy to follow and the quizzes were spaced out nicely between sections of learning so that there were not long blocks of learning before doing the tests.

Glen Stewart

Great course. Easy to understand and learn

Simon Johnson

Fast and easy to understand

Tim Ryan

Learnt alot.

Joanne Brennan

This coarse was very helpful in making me aware of asbestos

Richard Read

Excellent course completed at own pace.


Great online course

John Tusa

i used alert force for my asbestos course. i found it very helpful,and easy to understand.
i would recommend this to anyone wanting to learn about asbestos.

Fazjann Fazil

Great! Enjoyed the learning Asbestos Awareness course.

Kelly Martin

Excellent course and easy delivery method

Harrison O’Connor

The courses are very user friendly and informative. I would recommend

Edmund Tsang

Good informative course but needs more information on how to identify asbestos in the workplace e.g physical properties to look out for

peter shi

nice service, very professional, good to use

ted celestino

complete package, awareness to be informed is more than sufficient…

birny z

Easy to access, clear, cheap. Highly recommended.

kiwi mac

hassle free experience!

Michelle Murphy

Very comprehensive course. Highly recommended!

Maya Kapila

Llyod Taylor is the best trainer ,clears all topics and explain in a very good way as well best for multicultural people’s.
As a owner of the company he gave me best tips and gave me extra time until he was satisfied with my training.
Lee it up Mr.Taylor
Kind Regards

Gary Mc Arthur

Training was great, up to date factual and concise. The trainer was well versed and knowledgeable, probably over and above what was required. Very professional, I highly recommend.

nathan sims

Absolutely top notch training company, not a single complaint to be had. I did a combo traffic contoller and implement traffic management plan course through them and they were sensational! I highly recommend!

Renee Johnstone

great detail to my needs

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