5 Reasons Why You Need Fatigue Management Training

As businessmen, sometimes it probably seems like all this training for various jobs and issues are costly and a waste of time. However in most cases when you stop to think about it fatigue management training when you apply what you learn has the potential to not only help your company save thousands each year but, in many cases can help you to make a larger profit by providing a safer and more pleasant work environment for yourselves and your employees.

With that being said, here are 5 reasons you need fatigue management training:

1. A fatigued employee not only poses a safety hazard to himself and others but can end up costing your company money in damaged equipment and by affecting productivity. Fatigue management training helps managers and shift foremen as well as others understand the impact that a fatigued employee has on the company its production, his co-workers, and the overall safety of the operation he is engaged in. Fatigue management training will make you aware of all the ways that the company can be affected by an exhausted employee and just how much one fatigued employee can affect a company’s bottom line.

2. Fatigue management training helps employees understand that what goes on outside of work can affect their ability to stay alert while at work. When they are feeling fatigued, it is the employee’s obligation and responsibility to consult with their employer and discuss ways of managing that fatigue and what changes may be necessary to protect the safety of themselves and their coworkers. It also teaches employers how to provide the right atmosphere so that an employee can come to you when they are suffering from fatigue without fear of losing their job.

3. Fatigue management training makes all employees aware of the signs of fatigue and how important it is for them to report a fatigued co-worker to their employer or supervisor so that the supervisor can evaluate the employee and make a responsible decision of what needs to be done to help reduce the employee’s fatigue so that they pose less of a risk to themselves and to their coworkers.

4. Fatigue management training helps employees learn techniques to help them reduce their fatigue and manage it in situations such as shift work changes or dealing with sleep deprivation. When employees have the tools and knowledge and minimize their fatigue they can effectively reduce that fatigue or at least minimize the risk they pose because of that fatigue.

5. Fatigue management training helps managers and employers learn to recognize the signs of fatigue in an employee, evaluate it, address it, and take steps to prevent it. In some professions, this may mean rescheduling or working shorter shifts if the job requires long periods of intense concentration. It may mean providing longer breaks in some circumstances, or helping an employee deal with problems at home that may be contributing to his fatigue. With fatigue management training, you will learn how to make adjustment to help keep your employees alert, productive, and safe.

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