5 Reasons Why You Need OHS Training

With the new Work, Health and Safety laws going into effect on January 1, 2012, a lot of the OHS rules and regulations are going to be changed and the duties and responsibilities of companies and their officers have changed as well. These changes are going to affect every industry and every job to some degree. This is going to mean changes for the companies as well.

Here are 5 reasons you need OHS training:

1. The new WHS act is going to make many more people legally responsible of seeing to worker safety on every kind of job. It is going to be essential for everyone to know their responsibilities and know what changes have been made in the safety guidelines across the board in order to keep in compliance with the new laws and to reduce the risk of liability to the business and individuals within the business.

2. In order to get the new WHS up and running within your company smoothly you are going to want to have everyone receive the training they need to perform their jobs safely and competently and want to have the proof that your company supplied each and every worker with the training they need to do their jobs safely.

3. The laws, aside from safety in the workplace, simply mean more profits for your company in the long run. OHS training provides you with important tips on preventing accidents, minimising risks and forming plans to help access the risks and develop ways of reducing the risks before an accident happens. This will result in less injury to workers, less damage to equipment, and a more productive environment, which will result in fewer payouts and more profit.

4. By taking OHS training, you will not only learn how to provide a safer work environment in different areas of your business but you will also receive tips that can result in better employee satisfaction, higher morale, and more job enjoyment, which in turn may result in less turnover in labor and reduced absenteeism, which will also result in more profit for your business.

5. OHS training can result in better employee/employer relations, which can help everyone in the workplace identify safety issues and have a more positive work attitude. It can help foster understanding and communication between co-workers and establish an overall environment of trust, which will result in employees being more likely to heed safety procedures and watch out for each other’s safety, which can result in a much more pleasant and safe place of work. OHS training courses offers more than an understanding of OHS laws and safety procedures. These trainings can be used as a means of opening communications between workers and administration while fostering a team feeling for everyone.

OHS training is more than something that is required by law. It is an outline to help you run your business safely and more productively so that your business and the Australian economy can grow and prosper.

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