20% of Motor Crashes are Due to Fatigue

The evidence that is currently available suggests that 20% of motor vehicle crashes are due to fatigue. (more…)

Fatigue Management and Chain of Responsibilities being updated with new Electronic Work Diaries

The Minister of Assisting the Minister for Transport and Roads David Borger has been consulting with the heavy vehicle industry to pilot electronic work diaries for heavy vehicles. (more…)

Truckies being charged on F3 Debacle for not taking breaks

The F3 debacle on the 12 of April has left more than a few motorists fuming. During the 12 hour pile up truck and taxi drivers were fined for not taking their necessary breaks. There has been heavy criticism on the way authorities have handled the situation and the usefulness of the 28  million dollars in the infrastructure has been. Instead of assisting motorists, police have taken to the steps to stop smokers from consuming cigarettes in their cars.

Despite RTA investigations on previous accidents and similar occurrences NSW Road Minster David Campbell could not promise that the gridlock would never happen again. Since the incident the RTA has been swamped with complaints, so much so that NSW online newspapers have been offering links for direct complaints and organized an infringement notice to fine David Campbell, who did not take the public outcry seriously.  Some motorists have been able to keep their sense of humor Devils Advocate of Seven Hills said : “Whoever was in charge of that operation should be out looking for work today. They missed the opportunity to book all those stranded motorists for illegal parking.”

Courtsey of news.com.au and dailtelegraph.com.au

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