5 Ways To Tell If OHS Training Is Working For Your Business

ohs-for-businessOHS requires Safety and Health Training in almost every occupation from office workers to hazard waste. They have rules and regulations for land and sea and it is up to each company to ensure that they and their employees have the necessary training and competence to get jobs done in the safest healthiest manner possible.

While most businesses want a safe and healthy work environment for their employees they often find themselves wondering if all these OHS training programs are really doing any good. So, here are 5 ways to tell if that OHS training program is working for your business.

1. Are workers demonstrating skills and competency with using machine and adhering to safety procedures they learned in the OHS training? Is someone in management dedicated to making sure OHS guidelines and regulations are met? After all, no training program is going to be successful unless implemented and followed.

2. Do workers feel free to report any safety or heath concerns and are those concerns addressed by your company to further reduce the risk to the employee? If your OHS training program is working, your employees should be more aware of safety or health risks on the jobs and feel free to talk to you about those risks and suggest ways to minimize those risks.

3. Has there been a reduction in accidents, worker compensation claims, and overall absenteeism? One of the best ways of knowing if the OHS training is effective is when there is a noticeable reduction in accident and worker claims regarding various on the job health problems. When the work place is safer, workers tend to take less time off work.

4. Has the general atmosphere in the work place lightened? Do your workers look and act more comfortable when performing tasks? Is there less complaining? Overall, do workers seem less stressed and seem to enjoy their jobs a little more? The safer a worker feels on the job, the more job satisfaction they experience and the less need the feel to complain. It may take some time but eventually, if your OHS training is working, there will be an overall general improvement in workers attitude.

5. Is productivity improving? The safer the workplace, the healthier the work environment the more productive your business will become. When workers are allowed to concentrate on their jobs rather than spending time worrying about their safety or their health, the more they can accomplish during regular working hours. This cuts down on the need for overtime and overall increases the businesses bottom line.

One of the main goals of OHS training to help employers and their employees understand that safety and health is something that everyone needs to be aware of and want to improve. While it is the employers job to minimized health and safety risks as much as possible, the employees mush make effective use of the equipment supplied, the training they are given, and the procedures they learn in order to help keep themselves and the workers around them safe and healthy. If everyone from that warehouse clerk to upper management understands their role in keeping your business and each other safe and healthy then OHS training does indeed work.

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