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May 24, 2012

POTTS POINT, NSW– Australia’s Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) training company, AlertForce (AF), launched an online training program that teach participants the various processes that are believed to cause climate change and greenhouse gases; and subsequently, why carbon management is an important path for businesses to explore.

 AF is currently offering four Carbon Management (CTICM) courses which would effectively enable participants to gain a clear and concise understanding of the several key aspects of Carbon Management. Every participant is granted a 90-day period to complete a course. Upon competition of each individual course, the participant will receive a Statement of Attainment for each respective subject. Every credit gained would then be put forth towards the attainment of a 91500NSW Certificate III in Carbon Management

 Each online training course will include 90 minutes of online study, study notes, and an online exam. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to engage in a gathering of evidence component. Since the courses are online they are offered in a manner that is conducive to each participant’s business needs. This means that each course can be engaged at the student’s own speed and convenience within the 90-day period.

 AF’s Carbon Management Training is comprised of four courses The first course  CTICM301A- Communicate Climate Change impacts and Recognition of Sources of Greenhouse Gases introduces the issue to participants and helps them gain an understanding of the social impact that climate change can have on business and economics. Furthermore, this course will explore the greenhouse effect, its sources, and other aspects pertaining to greenhouse gas emissions. Each ensuing course is a pre-requisite to the next one in numerical order. The following courses will expand further on topics explored in the CTICM301A course:

  • CTICM302A Measure carbon emissions in three scopes
  • CTICM303A Evaluate carbon reduction and renewable energy options
  • CTICM304A Assist implementation and monitoring of a Carbon Management Response Plan.

“AlertForce’s nationally recognized,Carbon Management training courses can teach businesses how to be leaders in the low-carbon economy. By low-carbon economy, I am referring to an economy that has met its energy resource needs through low carbon inputs, outputs, and clean energy production! “ says Brendan Torazzi, AlertForce company founder.

Participating in this efficient training regimen can enable participants to leverage all their low carbon opportunities whilst promoting their green reputation. These course can enable business leaders to improve their green reputation and low carbon opportunities without costly errors or penalties.

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