New Emergency Response Unit for Dangerous Goods By Sea Transport

A new self-contained mobile unit called the Cylinder Response Unit (CRU) has been organized for as quick response solution for sea transport emergencies. (more…)

MyFord Touch Infotainment: Driving Ecologically has Never Been so Easy

Car guru, Jeremy Clarkson once said “its not what you drive its how your drive it!”. (more…)

Perth’s Billionaire Opens Carbon Saving Restaurant in New York

Fertilizer plant billionaire and Perth socialite Pankaj and wife Radhika Oswal have opened a environmentally friendly, vegetarian restaurant called Otarian in New York and London. (more…)

Ecological Drivers perfer Diesel to Hybrid

The Hybrid car was introduced to the Australian car industry 10 years ago, as the new environmentally safe alternative. (more…)

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