Electrical Safety : Bakery Electrocution Site Tampered With

electrical safetyAn inquiry  into the electrocution death of a man has revealed that the Sydney bakery where he died had been tampered with prior the police’ arrival on the scene.

Deputy NSW Coroner Sharon Freund is currently looking into the death of Norayer Khaloyan who was killed while installing an AC-unit in December 2010.

Glebe Coroners Court reported that the man was working in the roof of The Baking Company at Botany.

It was revealed in the court that the man had migrated to Australia from Iraq in 2007 with his wife and had trained as an electrical engineer in Iraq.

But counsel assisting the inquest, Bronwyn Lorenc, said his training was not deemed satisfactory enough to grand certification by Trades Recognition Australia (TRA).

The inquest revealed that  that after the electrician collapsed, the owner of The Baking Company, Michael Munk, and another employee went to the scene to try and help.

Munk reportedly said “don’t tell police he was working with electricity, because you will get into trouble”.

The court heard there is evidence electrics in the building might have been “tampered with” after his death and before a WorkCover inspection.

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Source: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-07-03/electrocution-site-may-have-been-27tampered-with27/4796796

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