Worker’s Life Saved by First-Aid Training and Jokes

First Aid TrainingThey say laughter is the best medicine. .. In Ken Nicholson’s case, the attempt to achieve laughter saved his life.

Nicholson, a Penrice Soda electrician, was making his way to restart a machine when his fellow employee Chris Carter, followed behind him. Carter says that he followed Nicholson because he was curious about where he was headed and he wanted to joke around and give him ‘a hard time’. When Nicholson reached a certain point, he remarked that he was ‘feeling funny’ and then promptly collapsed.

Carter immediately called for help and requested a defibrillator through his radio. While waiting for the defibrillator to arrive Carter attempted to perform CPR . Carter had noticed that his workmate had stopped breathing and despite not having any experience performing CPR, his instincts took over. Eventually other workmates returned with the defibrillator and utilized it according to the first-aid training that they were required to undertake.

Nicholson believes that his heart attack would have claimed his life had Carter not followed him. Nicholson also believes that Carters fast response was key in his survival.

St. John Ambulance claims that less than 10 percent of Australians claim to be savvy in the process of applying basic first aid.  Chief executive from St John believes that more workers should volunteer to do a first-aid course. The chief executive also claims that since the recent natural disasters, about 50k workers have enrolled in the day- long first aid courses.

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