Eco driving for fuel efficiency

Discover some simple tips on eco driving and see how adopting a few minor modifications to your driving style can significantly reduce fuel usage, which in turn reduces dangerous greenhouse gas emissions.

The further you drive, the more fuel you use. It might sound silly, but just think about it for a moment. Really well planned routes anticipating time of day, traffic, stops and checking radio or TV before you head off will save you buckets of time and fuel. Try and use local destinations and suppliers if you can or if it’s appropriate. Go local! Also consider the frequency you travel from place to place. Is it necessary to do a run 5 times a week or can it be just 3? Of course it always depends on what you do, but too often these fundamental plans are not thought through.

Use the right tool for the job. Many businesses have a huge variety of vehicles, from trucks to vans and even scooters. Trucks are built to carry heavy loads, scooters light loads (genius!). But think about it – so often we use the wrong tool for the job. If possible, try and use a smaller vehicle if it is suitable for the job, (like local, urban routes), and big cruisers or large vehicles when covering distance or carrying loads, respectively. So often we use big vehicles when the power and speed is really only needed for less than 1% of the time. Incorporating this big picture strategy will make a big difference to your fuel consumption.

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