Construction Safety Training For A Deadly Work Sector

The Construction industry is considered to be one of the most dangerous work sectors to be in. In Australia, the average number of construction-related deaths is about 10 per 100,000 people.  According to a study in 2006, construction industry workers experienced approximately 86 injuries per 1000 workers.

This number is nearly 25% higher than the national average for injuries for all workers in Australia*.Between 2005-06, there was approximately 877 000 workers in the construction industry and approximately 75,700 of these workers experienced a work-related injury. The most common injuries that occur are sprains, and cuts (abrasions).

Construction Related Injuries Are Often The Result…

..of inadequate training, unsuitable work practices, carelessness, and inattentiveness.

You or your employees are considered high risk when commencing a new job. For example, if you were a new contractor to a construction site, you will initially need to familiarize yourself with your new work environment.  You might also be required to learn the site procedures and the proper tasks that need to be done. Often times, new employees are not privy to the various hazards their workplace possesses.

It is important to note that accidents in the construction industry do not only occur to those who are new to the job. For example last week a respected foreman in his 60s, died from a collapsing piece of apparatus. This did not occur because the man was inexperienced—in fact he had ample experience– this occurred  because construction safety regulations were not tight enough or properly implemented.

Ensuring that your employees are efficiently trained, will benefit both you and your employee, and will ensure that work is done quickly, and more effectively.

Construction safety can be comprised of various elements that include (but not limited to), basic construction safety training, construction safety fundamentals, and managing hazards and risks.Working in the construction industry, one can be exposed to hazardous materials such as wet cement products. Cement dermatitis and burns are caused by cement’s abrasive nature.

Regardless of your experience,, one accident can radically change your life and the lives of those around you.  Safety should always be a priority– from the time the idea is conceived until the last brick is laid.With the proper training accidents can be prevented. One must be diligent and ensure that safety is not neglected. One slip, one fall, could ultimately result in a career stall. Make every day a safe work day.

Construction safety  is not simply about keeping the workers safe, but also the public at large.


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