4 Ways OHS Training Can Save You Money

ohs training saves moneyWhile most business owners would agree that safety in the workplace is desirable and necessary they sometimes allow concern for the bottom line to overcome their better judgment when it comes to safety. However, it is necessary to look at the bigger picture and in doing so, owners and managers will have a clearer picture how OHS training can actually improve profits by saving the company huge amounts of money.

Here are 4 ways that OHS training can save your company money:

  1. Reduces the number of accidents and worker accident claims. When a worker is injured on the job due to unsafe work conditions, the company often ends up paying huge amounts for that workers medical care and continues to pay in huge insurance premiums. OHS training programs helps both business owners and managers and workers to understand how and where they can institute safer worker conditions. The safer the work place is, the fewer accidents, the lower the number of accident claims filed by employees. Over time, this can lead to lower accident insurance premiums saving your company big money and resulting in larger profits over the long term.
  2. OHS training is mandatory. Having that training for every member of your work force will result in less fines for noncompliance and less costly shut downs. A company that is forced to pay huge fines and is shut down until they get proper OHS training can suffer thousands of pounds in lost revenue each day. Having the proper OHS training is one way to eliminate these unnecessary and costly fines.
  3. OHS training can lead to reduced worker stress and less missed work time. An unsafe work environment is much more stressful to work in than one where workers feel they can do their job without risking life and limb. When OHS training is applied across the board, workers feel safe in the work environment and less stressed when doing their jobs. Lowering the stress levels for employees results in less missed work and more consistent work team that the company can depend on.
  4. OHS Training actually increases production. Believe it or not, OHS training actually can increase production. When everyone knows the right and safe way to do a job, they can accomplish that job more efficiently with fewer accidents. Accidents or the fear of accidents can halt production and interferes with the workflow that is being done. When everyone feels that work environment is safe, they can concentrate on the work at hand which in turn improves production levels making the company more money.

Safety in the workplace not only benefits employees but employers as well and that can be seen in the bottom line. When a company is paying out less money in medical compensations and fines and has fewer work stoppages, their profit margins go up and companies find they can make more money with less production required.



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