Human Resource Executive Sues Pacific Brands

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Salley Berkeley is former executive currently in the middle of a unlawful dismissal lawsuit against Pacific Brands,   her former place of employment. The lawsuit for  $9 million was filed after  the human resources manager, found herself and her staff dismissed from their jobs. Apparently 10 HR staff members at Pacific Brands’ office will eventually lose their jobs.

Ms. Berkely claims that she’d complained to her HR manager, Melanie Allbion, about Ross Taylor (head of the underwear department at the company) who she claims bullied her. Pacific Brands has outright denied any allegations of bullying despite Berkeleys version of the events.

Berkeley had apparently requested a pay raise after being appointed to a new managerial position
According to documents presented in the lawsuit, Ms.Allibon purportedly told Berkeley that there was no more money and the options were that either she took the job or she didn’t.

Ms. Allibon also apparently supported Taylor after receiving a very negative email from Berkeley containing comments from her staff regarding their desire for a pay raise.

Taylor was (according to documents) apparently very upset over the email he received and has yet to overcome it.
A directions hearing is set for the 22nd of July.

A Human Resources department deals with issues such as equal opportunity employment, harassment and workplace bullying.

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