Warehouse Safety: Hay Processing Plant fined 10,000 for Injury.

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A man from Muchea, West Australia has suffered an injury to his arm after catching it in a hay-baling machine.

Hay Australia Pty Ltd has plead guilty to charges of failing to provide and maintain a safe work environment for its employee. The company was subsequently fined $10,000.

Hay Australia’s business is mainly breaking down large bales of hay into smaller ones, which are then exported.The process of breaking the bales down involves organizing bales into “good bales” and “bad bales” and then sending them to an accumulator where they are then pushed down by a hydraulic rams into individual stacks and then picked up by a forklift.

Working from Heights Incident

The incident involving the injured man occurred when he noticed a conveyor being blocked. After attempting to fix the problem a fallen bale caught the man’s sleeve and pulled his arm between the bale and the accumulator.

The ram then caught the man’s right forearm and fractured it.

WorkSafe commission for West Australia said the incident is another reminder of the importance of guarding machinery and locking it before attempting any repairs or modifications.The commissioner indicated that the proper warehouse safety training is available, and it is disappointing to continuously hear of similar cases happening.


Source: http://www.commerce.wa.gov.au/Corporate/Media/statements/2011/June/Hay_processing_plant_fined.html

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