5 Reasons You Need Chain Of Responsibility Training

Driver fatigue whether it be the long haul freight driver or the bus driver who is asked to work frequent back to back shifts often results in serious accidents that can damage expensive equipment and jeopardize the lives of the driver, his passengers, or other drivers or passengers on the road. In order, to help reduce driver fatigue and reduce the number of accidents cause by driver fatigue laws have been passed ensuring that everyone involved in the transport business does their part to help reduce and prevent driver fatigue.

Here are 5 reasons why you need chain of responsibility training:

1. As a manager or other officer in the transport business your words and actions may have an impact on the behavior and actions of the driver of those big rigs or public transportation vehicles. Taking a chain of responsibility training course will help you to do your duties better to see to the safety of the driver and how your words and actions can make you liable if an accident does occur. By having a clearer understanding of how your words and actions can affect a drivers actions and the liability that you may have due to those actions will help you to stay in compliance with the laws and insure that all drivers maintain compliance as well.

2. Making sure that your employees; whether the driver of the vehicle, the person who schedules the work or the person who loads the cargo understands their role and responsibility in seeing that a delivery or person riding on your transport system arrives to their final destination in one piece can decrease your responsibility should an accident occur. Chain of responsibility training can not only help your employees understand their responsibilities, but, can help you to protect yourself from liability if an accident should occur by providing you with proof in the form of their certificate of completion that you are providing your employees with the necessary training to make responsible and safe decisions.

3. Chain of responsibility training helps each person in the chain understand how their words or actions impact the decisions that the driver makes when he is out on the road. Having a clear understanding of how these actions impact the safety of the driver, his passengers and others on the road and the liability that they carry for their own decisions and actions will help each person to see how they personally can be held responsible for any accidents that are a result of their actions.

4. Chain of responsibility training can help you put into effect a system of checks and balances that helps to ensure that good decisions are made all the way down the line resulting in less risk to the driver and others on the road, less damage to property and equipment, and less injuries and deaths due to driver fatigue. This not only results in more profit for your business in the long run but, also safer roads for all drivers.

5. Chain of responsibility training will help drivers and all those in the chain to better withstand pressure to ignore the law to meet deadlines or work unreasonable hours that may create a driving hazard by giving them clear cut information on how to deal with pressure from others higher in the chain without fear of losing their jobs or suffering reprisals. It empowers everyone along the chain to make sound decisions that will prevent accidents, keep them safe, and benefit the companies they work for.

By ensuring that everyone involved in the transport business has chain of responsibility training you are helping to keep your company in compliance with the law as well as keeping your company profitable and your drivers safe.

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