Safety training is mandatory in industries that place workers at risk of injury. At AlertForce, we have the courses needed for you to comply with OHS regulations. From traffic control courses to working at heights, we cover all aspects of the WHS and OHS health and safety requirements.


Stay Up to Date with the Latest OHS Training Requirements


Health and safety courses are designed to keep everyone safe. They protect your workers, your company, and bystanders. Depending on the industry, you may need to complete one or more of the following ones:


  1. Confined space course
  2. Traffic control courses
  3. Working at heights
  4. Manual handling courses


If you require assistance determining your WHS requirements, we can help. As a leading registered training organisation (RTO), we know the state and national requirements for each industry. Let us ensure that you meet your requirements.


Convenient White Card Training Courses in Perth


The white card training is needed to comply with OHS regulations. These regulations were created in 1996 and revised with the WHS Act of 2011. All workers that enter a construction site must complete the general safety induction training.


Trusted and Dependable Confined Space Training Perth, WA


We are a leading provider of confined space training Perth. Our training program is nationally recognised and typically requires a whole day to complete the classroom training. The refresher courses are available online, allowing workers to learn at their own pace.


The confined spaces training course is needed when staff are working in enclosed or partially enclosed spaces. Examples include manholes, pipelines, trucks, access shafts, and vaults. If your work site includes any of these conditions, this training is likely required.


Affordable Traffic Management Course in Western Australia


With our traffic control course Perth, your workers get the education needed to remain safe when working near or on roadways. Road safety continues to improve each year. However, workers need to remain aware of the potential dangers of working near a road.


These courses also help you implement traffic management plans. Your staff will learn how to properly manage the flow of traffic around a roadside work site. They will also learn the steps to take to assess risks and stop work when necessary to avoid accidents.


Working at Heights Training in Perth


You may need working at heights training Perth if your workforce spends any time working from heights. Between 2003 and 2015, 359 workers were killed after falling from a height. Half of these falls occurred from heights of three metres or less.


Work at heights training helps reduce the risk of falls. The government also recommends that you minimise the need to work from heights. Other recommendations include providing a safe means to exit the workplace and providing a fall prevention device.


Short and Concise Manual Handling Course Perth, WA


The manual handling training is another requirement of the state Worksafe Authority Audits. Luckily, these are short courses. Our face-to-face courses typically run for two to three hours.


Why Choose AlertForce for Approved Training Courses?


As one of the leading registered training organisations (RTO), we are a trusted source of WHS-required courses, including all types of training and assessment. Our experienced staff can help you fulfil your safety requirements. Get a hold of us to learn more.


We can help identify health and safety requirements for your specific needs. Whether you operate in the construction or hospitality sector, we offer the courses that you need. Stay up to date with your WHS compliance.


For your convenience, we also offer online refresher courses for many of the training programs that require renewal.

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