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White Card Live Webinar Course
Available nationally
Nationally recognised qualification
Pre-course materials available immediately
State regulatory compliance
Course Duration 1 day
Cost $147
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Available nationally

Available nationally

Nationally recognised qualification

Nationally recognised qualification

Pre-course materials available immediately

Pre-course materials available immediately

State regulatory compliance

State regulatory compliance

Course Duration

Course Duration



White Card Live Webinar Course

Available nationally


Nationally recognised qualification


Pre-course materials available immediately


State regulatory compliance


Course Duration

1 day



AlertForce are able to deliver the above unit around the country. Please get in contact regarding training for groups.

White card training is mandatory for those in the construction industry. It teaches participants the most common dangers on a construction site and how to comply with health and safety laws.


Completing white card training prepares you for working or entering a construction site, such as the site of new building construction or road work. Here is what you should know about this training, including who should attend and what you learn.


Who Should Attend White Card Training?


Anyone who works on a construction site or needs to enter a construction site needs to complete white card training. The training course is mandatory for those setting foot on a construction site. It replaces the older construction induction cards (green cards) that were previously issued throughout most of Australia.


What Are the Prerequisites for White Card Training?


To enrol in the white card course, you must be at least 14 years of age and be able to read and comprehend the English language. The course does not have additional prerequisites, as it is often the first safety course that construction workers complete.


However, you must often complete the course before enrolling in other safety training courses. For example, before enrolling in working at heights or confined spaces training, you should complete your construction induction training.


How Long Does White Card Training Last and What Does it Include?


The course lasts one day when attending an in-person training course. The current online webinar that is temporarily available is self-paced.


The content for the white card course is based on the CPCWHS1001 unit of competency, which describes the best practices for preparing to work safely in the construction industry. It covers the steps needed to identify:


  • Workplace health and safety requirements
  • Hazards
  • Risk control measures
  • Safety communication
  • Reporting processes
  • Emergency response procedures


After enrolling in the course, participants receive immediate access to pre-course materials. However, the course requires face-to-face training.


What Are the Course Outcomes for White Card Training?


Participants who complete the course should understand how to identify and orally report construction hazards. They should also understand how to select and use appropriate personal protective equipment and proper responses for emergencies. Participants also learn the basic principles of risk management, including:


  • Identifying hazards
  • Assessing the risk
  • Consulting and reporting
  • Controlling hazards
  • Reviewing hazard controls


The learning outcomes are assessed at the end of the course. Students must demonstrate that they possess certain skills and knowledge, including safe work practices and the meanings and symbols associated with specific construction signs and tags.


After the successful completion of the course, you receive a state of attainment, which can be used in place of a general construction induction card. The physical card will be mailed to your address within several weeks.


The cards are recognised in every state and territory in Australia. The cards issued in one state or territory can be used in any other part of the country.


How to Attend White Card Training


You cannot typically obtain an online white card. You must enrol in a face-to-face training course for white card training. Online courses are not normally recognised in certain states and territories, such as Western Australia. However, due to the pandemic, most regions are temporarily allowing the completion of online training through webinars.


At AlertForce, we allow you to sign up for our in-person courses through our website. The application forms are completed online and involve a few simple steps.


How Much Does the White Card Training Course Cost?


The cost of the course is $120 for face-to-face training. If you qualify for online white card training due to the pandemic, the cost is currently $67.


Why Choose AlertForce for White Card Qualification?


Businesses throughout Australia have relied on AlertForce to train their workers for over a decade. We offer an extensive range of nationally recognised training courses to help you comply with WHS legislation.


Our years of service as a registered training organisation have allowed us to tailor our courses to deliver the best training experience possible. We ensure that participants comprehend the course material and understand the safety practices discussed during training.


We also make it convenient to meet WHS requirements. Courses are available in states and territories throughout Australia. Contact us today to learn more or book a spot in an upcoming white card course in Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth, Darwin, and Adelaide.

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