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HSR training provides an elected safety and health representative with the knowledge and skills needed to issue a provisional improvement notice (PIN). HSRs also have the right to direct work to stop. The training helps HSRs understand these rights and their duties.


Workgroups may choose to elect a Health and Safety Representative. The HSR represents the workgroup in various health and safety concerns, providing a line of communication between the workers and upper management. This helps ensure that workers have access to reasonably safe work conditions.


If you are a PCBU or an HSR, you should learn more about the requirements for Health and Safety Representative training. Discover the role of a Health Representative and whether the training is mandatory.


What Is the Role of an HSR?


The role of the HSR is to report hazards and risks to the PCBU and protect the rights of workers within his or her workgroup. Health and Safety Representatives have many different rights and responsibilities. These rights include:

  • Issuing provisional improvement notices
  • Directing work to stop
  • Receiving hazard information
  • Completing the required training
  • Establishing a health and safety committee (HSC)


HSRs also have multiple responsibilities. Their responsibilities include completing inspections and reviewing any workplace incidents, such as an accident or injury. HSRs also monitor the control measures used to reduce risks.


Basically, an HSR ensures that the PCBU, supervisors, and workers are complying with the WHS Act. However, the Health and Safety Representative is not the only one with responsibilities. The PCBU also needs to take steps to ensure that HSRs have the resources needed to complete their duties.


The main responsibilities of the PCBU to the HSR include:

  • Allowing workers to elect a Health and Safety Representative
  • Maintaining a list of elected Health and Safety Representatives
  • Providing a copy of the list to governmental regulators
  • Paying the costs of health and representative training


The PCBU needs to provide the representative with the time off needed to finish the training. The employer also needs to give the HSR access to relevant information related to hazards and safety procedures.


Who Should Attend a Safety Representative Course?


An elected health representative needs to complete the course after being elected by a workgroup. An employer or employee may choose to hold an election for a representative. WHS laws and regulations also provide instruction for completing the election process.


After announcing the election, the PCBU needs to give workers within the workgroup the chance to vote. Anyone within the workgroup may nominate an employee. After the election process, the elected worker completes the training.


The training must be completed through a registered training organisation, such as AlertForce. The elected HSR holds his or her position for a period of three years. After the three-year period ends, the workgroup may hold a new election.


Is HSR Training Mandatory in South Australia?


The training is a requirement for elected workers. As mentioned, the PCBU needs to cover the cost of the program and provide the worker with the necessary time off to complete the program. After you successfully complete the course, you receive a certificate of completion.


HSR programs do not include a statement of attainment or licence. The certificate does not have an expiration date. However, if the HSR is re-elected after the three-year period, they need to retake the course.


What Is the Cost of HSR Training in Adelaide?


The cost of the health and safety representative course Adelaide varies depending on the training organisation (often delivered by RTO’s) offering training services. At AlertForce, you can expect to pay less compared to many other RTOs.


Several courses are available, including face-to-face HSR training and online refresher courses. You can also enrol in Comcare HSR training and one-day refresher courses, which are completed in person. Enquire to discover the latest costs.


What Are the Learning Outcomes?


The introductory course lasts five days, as required by the WHS laws and regulations. The laws also require each of the five sessions to last seven hours. This results in a total of 35 hours of training.


Throughout the program, HSRs learn more about their duties, rights, and responsibilities. The course is designed to cover the following learning outcomes:

  • How to carry out inspections at work sites
  • How to complete investigations of workplace accidents
  • How to consult with employers about health and safety concerns
  • How to report hazards or safety issues to the PCBU


The elected safety and health representatives’ course offer the skills and knowledge that HSRs need to complete their responsibilities. It also covers their rights and roles within the organisation. At the same time, HSRs learn the responsibilities of the PCBU.


As mentioned, this course lasts five days. However, some training organisations offer an online one-day refresher course. The refresher course is only available to Health and Safety Representatives that have already completed the five-day course.

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