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White card training remains a requirement for anyone working or entering a construction site. Also called construction induction training, this program is now mandatory due to Work Health and Safety (WHS) legislative requirements. It replaces the previously issued blue card offered in some states.


During this training program, you learn how to identify and reduce common construction site hazards, such as falling objects or unsecured loads. It is also often required before you enrol in other WHS courses, such as the asbestos removal courses.


The following information covers everything you should know about white card training courses in Adelaide.


Who Has to Complete White Card Training Adelaide?


Anyone involved in the construction industry needs to hold a white card. This includes workers, supervisors, PCBUs, vendors, and visitors. Legislative requirements define construction work as work that meets one of the following criteria:

  • Road works and earthworks
  • Working with scaffolding or hoisting equipment
  • Working with extractor or driving piles
  • Working with underground cable
  • Any work involving the construction, repair, demolition, or alteration of a structure or building


Basically, if your work involves any type of construction, you need to have a white card. Anyone that enters a worksite involving these types of tasks also needs to complete the training. This may include:

  • Site managers
  • Tradespeople
  • Construction labourers
  • Supervisors
  • Surveyors
  • Workers who routinely enter construction sites


You learn how to identify safety hazards and report safety issues on a worksite. You may learn some of the most basic measures typically taken to reduce the risk of accident or injury. The course also covers the steps for correctly responding to a workplace health and safety issue.


How Can I Get a White Card in Adelaide?


To obtain the card, you need to complete a white card course Adelaide. CPCCWHS1001 is the unit of competency to work safely in the construction industry. The required training is available through registered training organisations (RTOs), including soon for AlertForce (currently pending scope addition).


Some training organisations offer the course online while others only offer in-person training. Online has mostly become an unacceptable means of delivery. Most safety organisations recommend face-to-face training.


After you have successfully completed the white card training, you receive a statement of attainment. The white card comes later in the mail. The white card is nationally recognised. This means cards issued in one state are accepted in other states.


If you obtain a white card in South Australia, it should be accepted in Western Australia and other states or territories. If you lose a white card, you need to contact the RTO where you completed the training to receive a replacement Statement of Attainment. Replacement White Cards are issued by State Based regulators and you would be best to approach them.


How Long Is the White Card Course in Adelaide?


The typical white card course SA lasts about a full day, depending on the training organisation. During this training, you learn the skills and knowledge needed to demonstrate your ability to identify and manage risks on a construction site. Some of the main risk control topics include:

  • WHS legislative requirements
  • Safe work practices
  • Construction safety plans
  • General construction work requiring licensing
  • Basic risk management strategies
  • Common construction hazards
  • The use of personal protective equipment
  • Breaches and fines for not complying with WHS laws
  • Emergency response to workplace accidents
  • First aid techniques and strategies
  • Construction site safety signs


The focus of the training is common hazards on construction sites. However, attendees do not necessarily learn how to deal with these hazards. You learn how to identify and hopefully avoid them. Some of the most common examples include:

  • Exposure to asbestos-containing materials
  • Dangerous atmosphere in a confined space
  • Electrical equipment hazards, such as electrocution
  • Collapsing trenches or excavations
  • Falling objects
  • Falls from heights
  • Exposure to hazardous substances


As attendees do not learn how to implement strategies for reducing these hazards, workers may need to complete additional training. For example, depending on your job duties, you may need to complete asbestos removal courses or working at heights training.


How Much Does It Cost to Get a White Card in Adelaide?


The average cost is between $120 and $150. However, the costs vary. Some training organisations charge a little more and others charge a little less. The program also has several prerequisites:

  • You must be at least 14 years of age
  • You need to bring a valid photo ID
  • You may use a birth certificate in place of a photo ID
  • You must wear appropriate attire for a construction site


If the assessment includes practical demonstrations, you may need to wear protective equipment, such as a high-visibility vest, hearing protection, eye protection, and a hard hat. These are standard items for workers on most construction sites.


Does a White Card Have an Expiration Date?


The white card does not technically expire. However, most PCBUs require workers to complete the white card construction training after two years of inactivity. This follows the recommendations of various safety organisations and it models health and safety WHS practices.


If you stop working in the construction industry for two years, you should retake the course.

After completion of the course, you receive a statement of attainment. The statement acts as proof that you have completed this unit of competency. You also receive the actual white card in the mail.

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