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You can only do this course Face-to-Face. The course takes 4 hours.


About half of the earth’s crust is silicon dioxide. Crystalline Silica can be found in soil, sand and granite. It is also present in grout, bitumen and rock, gravel, glass and cement.


Quartz is the most common crystalline silica. Cristobalite, and Tridymite, are two other forms crystalline silica. All three forms can become respirable particles when workers cut, drill or grind crystalline silica-containing objects. Silica is the generic term used to describe crystalline silica, including crystalline quartz.


Since the beginning of stone masonry, and mining, silica has been a health hazard. It has caused millions of cases of illness and death.


The increasing number of workers affected by respirable crystalline silica has made this a hot topic. Australia and other countries have seen a rise in the diagnosis of silicosis in workers who work in mining, construction, and now with engineered stones.


Why do you need to complete the 10830NAT Silica exposure prevention course?


While it is not yet mandated by law in Victoria, it may soon become a requirement for all workers entering a construction site. Many workplaces now require this training as part of their EBA agreements. If you are working on an ACT worksite, howeer, this is required in addition to the White Card and the 11084NAT course in Asbestos Awareness. For plumbers and electricians and some other trades you now also require 10852NAT Course in working with Asbestos containing materials.


Silica is found in many industries including the extractive industry and in the manufacture of concrete-based building materials. The following industries are typical but not limited:


  1. Tunnelling
  2. Construction, including granite grinding and polished
  3. Foundries
  4. Stonemasonry
  5. Cement manufacturing
  6. Power generation
  7. Ceramics
  8. Brick and tile manufacturing
  9. Metal polishing
  10. Abrasive blasting
  11. The Mining Industry
  12. Quarrying


According to Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011, PCBUs are required to ensure that workers who may be exposed to asbestos or asbestos-containing material (ACMs), attend a course approved in asbestos awareness.


WorkSafe ACT requires workers to complete 11084NAT Course in Asbestos Awareness (previously 10675NAT) and CPCCWHS1001 – Prepare to work safely within the construction industry. 10830NAT Course in Crystalline Silica Exposure Prevention has become mandatory for construction industry workers in the ACT. It looks as though it will shortly come to other states.

What are the learning outcomes for Silica Exposure Prevention Trainings?


The Course in Crystalline Silica Exposure Prevention specifies what is required to recognize the workplace health and security risks and hazards that are inherent in working with products containing crystalline silica and to plan and implement safe systems of work to reduce exposure to within the mandatory exposure limits.

The course outcomes are applicable to workers in the building and construction industry, workers in the jewellery industry, DIY enthusiasts, and anyone whose health and well-being may be at risk due to exposure to crystalline silica dust.

Graduates will be able identify and apply these knowledge in the context of their jobs for their own safety as well as the safety of co-workers and bystanders.

• Identification of products containing crystalline silica
• The relevant legislation and standards
• Health hazards, risks and consequences of exposure
• Exposure standards
• Safety Data Sheets
• Hierarchy of Controls
• Systems to prevent exposure
• Hazard prevention and risk assessment


How long does the 10830NAT course last?


The awareness training is a 4-hour course. It provides a general overview on how to protect yourself from silica.


Can you take the 10830NAT course online?


The course must be delivered face-to-face at this stage. Please contact AlertForce at 1800 900 22 to find out to discuss location training options.


What Accreditation will you receive?


Once you are deemed competent, a Statement of Achievement in 10830NAT course in Crystalline Silica Exposure Prevention will be issued to you. This will be your proof of completion as the course is now mandatory by legislation in the ACT. It may soon come to other states of Australia as engineered stone becomes outlawed.

Only approved training organisations on can offer face-to-face courses. Online courses may be offered by some websites, but they may not meet national standards and will definitely not be accepted in the ACT.


How much does 10830NAT training cost?

The cost of training varies according to the course and the organisation. AlertForce charges $397 per person.


Regular Silica Exposure Prevention Training in Melbourne will take place including private course at your workplace. You may be eligible for a discount if you have multiple employees who need to complete the training.


Is funding available for the 10830NAT course in Silica Prevention Exposure?


Ask about Training Authority Fund Subsidies if you work primarily in Canberra if you do most of your work there. Otherwise, in Victoria there is currently no funding available.

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