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Fatigued drivers face a greater risk of getting into an accident compared to well-rested drivers. Commercial drivers, driver schedulers, and PCBUs benefit from fatigue management courses to help reduce the risks. When you are fatigued, you are less likely to respond swiftly to hazards.


Basic and advanced fatigue management courses provide training to manage fatigue. According to statistics, about 20% of fatalities from road accidents occur due to drivers fatigue.


If you work as a commercial driver or manage commercial drivers, you should take the time to learn more about these courses.


Basic and Advanced Fatigue Management Courses in Adelaide


Several units of competency exist. The basic fatigue management course Adelaide is an online program. It covers the basic recommendations for helping to reduce driver fatigue. It is essentially an awareness-only program with strategies for managing fatigue.


The basic fatigue management course is one of the three management courses available. The other two courses cover advanced strategies and techniques, including how to apply or administer a risk mitigation plan. Here are the three courses:

  • Apply a Risk Management Plan—TLIF0005
  • Administer a Risk Management Plan—TLIF0006


TLIF0005 also covers the implementation of fatigue management strategies. However, this program also includes strategies and best practices for following a detailed risk mitigation plan. It is a requirement for heavy vehicle drivers.


TLIF0006 is for workers in the transport industry. It includes steps for scheduling the hours that drivers work or rest while following a detailed fatigue reduction plan. Supervisors also learn how to plan, implement, and navigate trips involving heavy vehicles.


How Can I Attend Fatigue Management Training Adelaide?


If you enrol in the TLIF2010 program, you do not need to attend an in-person program. It is an online program. However, it does require the use of a webcam and a device with internet access.


The TLIF0005 and TLIF0006 programs require in-person training through registered training organisations (RTOs). After completing these programs, you receive a statement of attainment. For the online course, you need to print the statement of attainment.


What Are the Learning Outcomes?


The learning outcomes for these courses vary depending on the course. With the basic program, you receive training in the following areas:

  • Identifying and acting on signs of fatigue
  • Implementing strategies to minimise fatigue


Workers learn the potential causes of fatigue and how to identify them. The program also covers warning signs of fatigue and the necessary steps to maintain alertness. The strategies include procedures for minimising tiredness and lifestyle choices to promote long-term management of exhaustion.


The advanced programs cover more material as recommended by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator. The course on applying a risk management plan covers the following outcomes:

  • The best strategies for reducing tiredness and remaining alert
  • How to follow a risk management plan
  • Best practices for setting rest hours and work hours
  • Recommendations for navigating and planning road trips safely
  • How to properly log trips using work diaries


Some of the information covered includes the legal requirements and responsibilities for managing exhaustion within the workplace for drivers. Supervisors also learn communication strategies for helping to ensure that heavy vehicle drivers remain away of their obligations.


The TLIF0006 program includes training for administering hazard control systems. It covers many of the same learning outcomes as the TLIF0005 program. However, the two programs have slightly different goals:

  • Identify the hazards commonly found in the transport industry
  • How to use a risk mitigation system for safe operation
  • Solutions for safely planning a trip involving heavy vehicles
  • How to follow the best practices for setting rest hours


Essentially, supervisors and drivers’ schedulers should complete the TLIF0005 course while heavy vehicle drivers may need to complete the program on administering strategies.


How Long Does Fatigue Management Training Course Take?


The awareness-only course is available online. It is a self-paced course, allowing workers to complete it at their own leisure.


The advanced courses typically last a full day. They cover more information and need to be completed face to face. If workers need to complete this training, PCBUs should provide them with the necessary time off to attend the program.


What Is the Cost of the Fatigue Management Course Adelaide?


AlertForce offers one of the most affordable options for completing the awareness training. The Apply Fatigue Management Strategies awareness course is offered online and available for $60 plus GST. However, this is an old course provided for awareness and educational purposes only.

TLIF0005 and TLIF0006 fatigue management courses cost more. However, they provide workers and supervisors with the advanced training needed to plan and implement fatigue management strategies. These courses are also required in the transport and logistics industries.

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