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Fatigue management training is primarily intended for commercial drivers, such as those in the transport business.


Spending many hours on the road leads to driver’s fatigue, increasing the risk of vehicular accidents. Fatigued drivers may not easily detect or respond quickly to road hazards.


Nationally recognised training programs provide drivers with the skills and knowledge necessary to reduce driving exhaustion. Around 20% of road accident fatalities involve driver fatigue.


If you are a commercial driver or a PCBU that employs drivers, you may need to complete fatigue management training in Western Australia. The following details provide answers to the most frequently asked questions about this training.


What Is the Difference Between Basic and Advanced Fatigue Management Courses?


AlertForce offers three levels of fatigue management training. This includes the following online courses:


  • TLIF2010 Applying Fatigue Management Strategies
  • TLIF0005 Apply a Fatigue Risk Management System
  • TLIF0006 Administer a Fatigue Risk Management System


TLIF2010 is a basic fatigue management course. It is an online course that covers the basic strategies for reducing exhaustion. Schedulers and controllers may take this awareness-only program. However, heavy vehicle drivers should take TLIF0005.


TLIF0005 and TLIF0006 units of competency include training for implementing a management plan. TLIF0005 is intended for vehicle drivers and TLIF0006 is recommended for schedulers and controllers.


The standard TLIF0005 program covers the steps needed for eliminating and controlling the risks of work exhaustion. Some of the main topics include the following:


  • Best practices for rostering and shift design
  • Leave management options for more time off
  • Adapting the work environment to reduce exhaustion
  • Using staff support to help reduce hazards


The administrator fatigue management Perth training course includes specialised training for supervisors, controllers, and schedulers. It covers many of the same topics covered inTLIF0005, along with the steps required for establishing an effective management plan.


While these programs are primarily intended for drivers, exhaustion can impair the performance of workers in any workplace. In some cases, non-work factors contribute to exhaustion. This includes family responsibilities, secondary employment, lifestyle activities, social activities, and health issues.


It is also your responsibility to manage your exhaustion and prevent it from affecting your work. Workers have a legal duty to use reasonable care to ensure that their actions do not harm the safety and health of others. You must also show up to work in a fit state to complete your duties.


How Long Is the Fatigue Management Course Perth?


The course is offered online. It is also self-paced. This allows you to complete the program in any amount of time. However, most people complete it within a few hours.


You will receive access to the course content after enrolling. The course includes training for managing fatigue risks, including the following:


  • Tips for staying alert when behind the wheel
  • How to identify the symptoms of exhaustion
  • The recommended steps for combating road exhaustion
  • How to implement fatigue reduction techniques


You will first complete an introduction that covers the dangers of exhaustion. You will then learn about the causes of driver fatigue and how it affects your ability to drive safely.


A major portion of the program focuses on the dangers and symptoms of exhaustion and the best practices for reducing it. Some common signs that you need to take a break from driving include the following:


  • Reduced coordination and focus
  • Blurred vision and other vision problems
  • Short-term memory issues, such as forgetting directions
  • Feeling tired after waking up from a full night of sleep


These symptoms indicate that you need to stop driving and recover. When you experience vision problems, a lack of coordination, and memory issues, you increase your risk of getting into an accident. Besides putting yourself in danger, you endanger other motorists.


How Can I Attend Fatigue Management Training Perth?


As mentioned, these courses are available online. To attend the program, you simply need to enrol. However, you also need an electronic device with a webcam and a stable internet connection.


After completing the program, you will receive a statement of attainment. As you are not attending the course in person, you will need a printer to print the statement. You will not receive a separate license or card in the mail.


How Much Do Fatigue Management Courses in Perth Cost?


The cost depends on the program. At AlertForce, you can choose from three different programs, depending on your job requirements. The TLIF2010 awareness course costs $60 plus GST.


The TLIF0005 management system program costs $147 with no GST. The TLIF0006 administer a management system program costs $157 with no GST. Your employer may cover the cost of training, depending on the industry in which you work and what your job is.


While this training is not mandatory, PCBUs have a responsibility to help reduce workplace hazards, including hazards related to driving heavy vehicles.

If you work as a heavy vehicle driver, find out if you require this training and enrol in the necessary course to earn your statement of attainment.

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