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Do you need to complete traffic control training in Darwin? Any work completed near a road brings additional risks. Motorists may strike, injure, or kill a worker if proper safety procedures are not completed, such as implementing a traffic control plan or using a stop/slow bat to control vehicle flow.


The Northern Territory requires training for the safe management of traffic around sites that involve work near or on a road. This training helps save lives by giving workers in civil construction and road work the necessary skills and knowledge for controlling the flow of vehicls. Here is a closer look at the requirements for traffic control training in Darwin.


How Do I Become a Traffic Controller in Darwin?


To become a traffic controller, you need to complete the RIIWHS205D course. This course covers how to control traffic using a stop/slow bat.


The RIIWHS205D course applies to general workers and labourers who may need to direct motorists or other workers. For example, this training may be needed in settings where workers operate heavy vehicles, such as a road construction site.


Supervisors may also need to complete the RIIWHS302D course. This is the Australian standard for implementing traffic management plans.


What Qualifications Do You Need to Be a Traffic Controller in Darwin?


OHS standards include several qualifications for becoming a traffic controller. Along with completing the training discussed above, you need to complete the assessment test, obtain a statement of attainment, and apply for accreditation.


Before you take the course, you also need to meet several training requirements. You need to have a valid driver’s licence from the motor vehicle registry (MVR).


After you have successfully completed the training course and assessment test, you receive a statement of attainment. The statement is valid for 90 days. However, you may begin working as a traffic controller immediately.


Before the statement expires, you need to obtain a controller licence, which requires accreditation. To become accredited, you need to apply online or in person at your nearest State Roads Authority.


The accreditation remains valid for three years. The OHS Act and Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) regulations require you to complete a renewal program before the three-year period ends.


What Topics Are Covered During the Traffic Control Training?


The topics covered in the RIIWHS205D program include:


  • How to plan and prepare for traffic procedures
  • How to use a stop/slow bat to control vehicle flow
  • How to communicate using required communication devices
  • How to clean up a work site


You learn the basics of traffic control procedures and requirements. The training also explores the effects of vehicle mass and travel speed on stopping distances.


The RIIWHS302D course covers the steps needed for implementing a control plan. It is intended for those in supervisory roles. The main course topics include:


  • How to implement a road management plan
  • How to set out road guidance schemes
  • How to monitor and close the scheme
  • How to clean up the work area


The first section covers interpreting and applying road management documentation. You learn how to confirm work requirements. Supervisors also learn how to identify and report potential hazards or environmental issues.


The courses also include the units of competency for learning how to communicate in the workplace (RIICOM201D) and work safely following WHS policies (RIIWHS201D). Both courses include practical training and theory followed by an assessment.


How Long Does the Traffic Management Course In Darwin Take?


The training lasts for a half day. AlertForce holds in-person training that starts at 8 am and ends at 3:30 pm.


According to the latest RMS regulations and requirements from the Department of Infrastructure, you need to renew your unit of competency every three years for all traffic control training. Renewal courses may not last as long compared to the initial training.


How Much Is the Traffic Control Course Darwin?


AlertForce offers three different traffic control courses in Darwin. The Traffic Controller and Implement Control Plans courses depend on your numbers. Both courses also include the RIICOM201D and RIIWHS201D units.


A combination course is also available. There is a quoted cost per person and combines the training from the previous two courses. It is a great way to save money and time as it still only requires a half-day of training.

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