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Under the work health and safety act, employers have a duty of care to provide workers with the skills and resources to assess and manage hazards and risks. AlertForce offers occupational health and safety courses to meet these requirements.


WHS training courses in Canberra cover commonly required training for workers in construction, mining, and other hazardous fields. With proper knowledge workers reduce their risk of injury to themselves and others, helping to create a safer work environment.


Canberra WHS Training Courses at AlertForce


AlertForce is a registered training organisation (RTO) with a full range of WHS courses to cover work health and safety responsibilities. Available courses in Canberra include:


  1. Asbestos awareness training in Canberra
  2. Working safely with asbestos containing material
  3. Confined spaces training
  4. Health and safety representative (HSR) training
  5. Manual handling training
  6. Silica awareness training
  7. Traffic control training
  8. White card training
  9. Working at heights training in Canberra
  10. Forklift Training in Canberra
  11. EWP Training in Canberra


The requirements and learning outcomes for these courses vary. Here is an overview of the safety training available at AlertForce.


11084NAT Asbestos Awareness Training (previously 10675NAT)


Asbestos awareness training is a general course for anyone that may be exposed to asbestos in the workplace. It does not cover the removal of asbestos or working with asbestos. It is only intended to help workers identify the materials.


10852NAT Working Safely with Asbestos Containing Material


If you are likely to work with asbestos-containing materials (ACMs), you may need to complete the more comprehensive 10852NAT (previously known as 10559NAT). While asbestos awareness explains how to identify ACMs, 10559NAT covers proper procedures when dealing with asbestos exposure. This is a mandatory course for a variety of occupations, including electricians and gas fitters.


Confined Spaces Training


Enrol in our confined spaces training to learn the correct techniques for working in an enclosed or partially enclosed space. Working in a vault or tank exposes you to dangerous atmospheric conditions. Avoid the risks with our face-to-face learning.


Health and Safety Representative (HSR) Training


As of 2017, PCBUs may also appoint a Work Health and Safety Officer (WHSO). The WHSO performs many of the same general functions performed by the HSR, including notifying the PCBU about safety matters.


Safety officers may also assist with responding to incidents. However, workers still have the right to elect health and safety representatives.


At AlertForce, our HSR course includes comprehensive training on the powers and functions of the HSR. As outlined in the Work Health and Safety Act 2011, the HSR is elected to represent the interests of a workgroup in health and safety matters. The HSR may also investigate complaints related to safety issues and monitor safety measures taken by the PCBU.


Manual Handling Training


Improper manual handling may increase the risk of workplace health issues for health care, construction, office, and warehouse workers. With our course, you receive knowledge on how to properly perform tasks that involve manual handling.


Silica Awareness Training


Workers in the construction and home renovation fields face an increased risk of exposure to silica. The dust may lead to health issues, such as silicosis. Take our silica awareness course to limit your risk of exposure.


Traffic Control Training


Learn how to use a stop/slow bat and direct motorists and vehicles with our traffic control course. We offer face-to-face learning with skilled instructors, providing the right instructions for minimising risks when working on a road.


White Card Training


Discover the most common workplace hazards on a construction site with our detailed white card training course in Canberra. We offer a one-day program with face-to-face learning, allowing you to meet your national and state requirements to work on a construction site. Keep in mind that this course is often required before taking other courses related to the construction sector.


Working at Heights Training


Twenty-four workers were fatally injured in 2018 in Australia. Falls from dangerous heights are a common source of injuries in the construction sector. If your job involves working from heights of two metres or higher, you may need to complete our working at heights course.


Forklift Training Canberra


Anyone who works with a forklift has to be aware of the dangers and risks involved. This course is designed to teach you about the risks involved and how to stay safe. This course will also help you obtain your forklift license.


EWP Training in Canberra


EWPs are often used in construction, coal mining, drilling, and extractive work. Understanding how to operate an EWP and safely work from it helps minimise the risk of injuries and accidents.


Requirements for WHS Courses Canberra


To enrol in WHS courses in Canberra (ACT), workers need to provide identifying documents, such as a photo ID or birth record. Participants may also need to dress appropriately for their field.


Many of the programs include prerequisite courses. White card training is often the first course that workers complete. However, the requirements vary. Review the prerequisites for the course and determine which programs are mandatory for your workplace.


Why Complete WHS Training Through AlertForce?


AlertForce is your source for reliable WHS management, training, and assessment. We have years of experience educating workers in the construction and hospitality sectors in Canberra and the rest of Australia. Our programs always include the latest WHS guidelines, ensuring that you remain up to date with WHS compliance.

Contact AlertForce to sign up for required WHS training Canberra.

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10830NAT Course in Crystalline Silica Exposure Prevention

10852NAT work Safely with Asbestos Containing materials

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BSB41419 Certificate IV in Work Health & Safety

BSB51319 Diploma of Work Health & Safety

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Confined Space Training

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Forklift Training

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IMDG Code Training

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White Card Courses

WHS Act Awareness Training

Working at Heights Courses

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Completed 2 courses with Alert and in both instances the instructors were incredibly knowledgeable on their topic, provided appropriate real world examples to learn from and maintained interest at all times.
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