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HSR courses give elected workers the training needed to exercise their rights. This training helps keep your workplace safer by giving an elected worker the right to issue provisional improvement notices (PINs) and the right to direct work to stop.


Electing a Health and Safety Representative provides a direct line of communication between workers and upper management for addressing workplace hazards. Explore the details of the HSR face-to-face training, including the learning outcomes and average cost.


What Is the Role of the HSR?


The primary role of the HSR is to monitor the health and safety of the worksite. They have a responsibility to ensure that the PCBU provides every reasonable solution to reduce exposure to hazards. The main rights of the Health and Safety Representative include:


  • Directing work to stop
  • Issuing provisional improvement notices
  • Completing the required training for these rights
  • Receiving hazard information from the PCBU
  • Establishing a health and safety committee


Health and Safety Representatives are elected by a group of workers. The designated workgroup may hold an election at any time. All workers have the right to nominate HSRs and vote.


Who Should Attend HSR Training?


HSRs and deputies should attend WorkSafe approved training. An approved course includes curriculum based around the legislative framework for the roles and responsibilities of Health and Safety Representatives. These courses are offered through registered training organisations, such as AlertForce.


Elected representatives keep their position for a period of three years. After the end of the three years, workgroups may elect new HSRs and deputies. Re-elected workers may complete HSR refresher OHS training instead of taking the initial course over again.


The HSR refresher OHS training course is offered online. Besides taking the refresher after re-election, HSRs need to complete the refresher each year. It is also available to Health and Safety Representatives that have not completed the initial course. However, those that have not completed the initial training do not receive the HSR powers granted under the WHS Act.


PCBUs must allow HSRs and deputies to attend course as soon as possible. After making a request, the employer has a period of three months to provide the time off for the course.


What Does the Health and Safety Representative Training Include?


The training gives Health and Safety Representatives the right to use their powers under the WHS Act. It also covers various tasks that they must complete to help maintain the safety of the workplace. Basically, you learn more about the legal requirements and duties of the elected representatives.


The training is not mandatory. However, it is a requirement to obtain the right to issue PINs and direct work to stop. Without training, HSRs may perform their other duties, but cannot exercise their primary rights.


What Is the Cost of HSR Training in Hobart?


The average cost of course in Hobart follows the standard cost across Australia. No matter if you need HSR training VIC or Tasmania, the cost remains mostly consistent. The elected representatives do not need to cover the cost on their own. According to WHS requirements, the employer must pay the costs for elected representatives. As mentioned, employers also need to provide workers with the necessary time off to attend the training sessions.


After a worker is re-elected, the employer does not need to provide paid time off or cover the costs of the full five-day program. However, the PCBU must allow time off and pay the costs for the annual refresher course.


How Long Is HSR Training in Hobart?


The course includes 35 hours of instruction. The HSR initial WHS training course includes five seven-hour sessions, to comply with WHS laws. The laws state that an approved course must provide a total of 35 hours of training.


The online refresher course typically takes about four hours to complete. However, the Comcare HSR face-to-face refresher takes one full day.


What Are the Learning Objectives?


Health and Safety Representative course covers the roles and responsibilities of the HSR. The primary learning outcomes include:


  • Carrying out detailed inspections of work sites
  • Completing investigations into workplace accidents
  • Consulting with the PCBU about workplace health and safety issues


The training provides the skills and knowledge for exercising the rights of the Health and Safety Representative. To begin exercising these rights, enrol in the initial five-day program.

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Exception tutor and very interactive class.. much appreciated

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