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This is simply the assessment of a person’s ability to perform a task or master a skill. A Verification of Competency (VOC) is used to identify any areas of competency that require further training.


To help you understand, here’s an example: When should a parent let their child mow the lawn? This is to ensure safety and prevent damage to the equipment and lawn. It will only be allowed if the parent has confirmed that the child can perform the task safely and according to the parents’ instructions. This is similar to what should happen at work.


AlertForce, through its Bluetron arm, has developed a system to verify competence (VOC), which has been largely adopted by industry as the leading system in Australia. For clarification, see the document A Guide to High Risk Work Licences, Duty of Care Training Cards and High Risk Construction Work Construction Work.


We have assessments that align to the appropriate licence assessment under the National Assessment Instruments, or the old Certificate of Competency System (load shifting equipment) for plant where a license is required or no longer exists. Our assessment document collection is constantly evolving. We also have a document that our assessors can use for any adhoc or unusual request (e.g. VOC of a Cleaner using an electric floor polisher or a gardener using line trimmers). The Assessor can record details on this section.


Self-employed Assessors are eligible to be accredited by us. We also accept sub-contracts from our network for services. There are some offer day rates available for remote work or large numbers. The fee recommended is $247.00 per assessment. AlertForce charges $55.00 per physical card if required or included with digital cards. Our assessors are either certified in TAE40110, or in the process of upgrading to Cert IV in Training & Assessment. They are Accredited Assessors in the relevant jurisdiction. SafeWork NSW, WHSQ Queensland and WorkSafe ACT are Eastern seaboard examples. To conduct assessments, they must have the required qualification and industry experience. Our assessments are done against National Assessment Instruments. Only those who have passed all aspects of their assessment with a 80% score or higher will be issued VOC cards.


VOC assessments are intended to help Persons Conducting Business or Undertakings (PCBU) meet their obligations to provide information, training, and instruction. VOC is used to determine if someone has gaps in competence. We then direct them towards the appropriate training.


AlertForce now offer 2 types of assessment. Remote or face to face. For remote, evidence is collected online as well as in the form of photos, videos and third party statements. For face to face, the Assessor arrives at the site to meet with the site representatives and the Candidate in order to discuss the assessment process.


The Assessment Instrument cover sheet is completed by the Candidate. After that, the Assessment Instrument covers are filled out and the Assessment begins. Both the Knowledge and Practical components of the assessment are performed. The Assessor will record the details of the assessment either on a Remedial Action report or an Application for VOC card.


Remedial Action report


If the Candidate is not yet competent, a Pink copy of the Remedial Action Report will be issued to him or her. A pink copy of the Remedial Report will be given to the Candidate. It will detail the steps that were taken to correct any deficiencies identified during the assessment.


Competency Assessment Report


If the Candidate is deemed Competent, a Blue copy of the form will be issued to him or her. A Candidate will be issued a Blue copy, which will detail the assessment and act as an interim VOC card while the card is being processed.


The original forms and the assessment are sent to the Bluetron Office. It is then scanned and stored on file. The Candidate will be issued a blue card if they are deemed competent.


VOC Cards Stolen, Lost, or Damaged


You can request a replacement VOC card by completing the Application For Replacement Card. Once you’ve completed the form, send it to our Head Office along with the $55.00 GST inclusive Card Processing Fee. Your replacement card will be sent out promptly.


Request for Replacement VOC Cards


Certain types of work are high-risk and require licensing.To maintain competence, persons holding a license must complete additional training according to the National Standard for Licensing Persons performing High Risk Work.VOC is done to find gaps in competence so they can be corrected through training.Training must be relevant according to the WHS Legislation. If gaps in competency aren’t identified, is training relevant?


Only the requirement of High Risk Work Licensing is a legal requirement to be able to obtain a Work Health and Safety Legislation licence. A Registered Training Organisation (RTO) is responsible for High Risk Work Licensing. Bluetron is not an RTO and we do not intend to be one. We have partnerships with RTOs in order to train and assess High Risk Work Licensing.


All of our training and assessment, including our human resource standards, are aligned with ASQA requirements for RTOs. We provide assessors and trainers with industry experience to RTOs. We also conduct VOCs of persons as a third party to ensure that the RTOs provide relevant training.


Our system is comparable to or better than that provided by an RTO, according to our belief. Each of our VOC assessments consists of three parts.


Documentary Evidence – Challenge questions include copies of course reports/licences/trade qualifications or certificates, as well as proof of employment such a Log Book, letter of employer or email indicating that the candidates are or have been employed by the parent company (this is to validate experience). You can obtain a Log Book Operator Log Book if you don’t have one.


VOCs specific to a particular site – Questions about the conduct of the task at that site according to its rules and procedures.


Knowledge component (written exam – passing mark is 100%). The knowledge component consists of critical aspects from OHS Certification National Assessment In.


Practical Component (demonstrate Performance – Practical Operations)


Many jurisdictions did not require Dozer, Scraper or Roller operations to be licensed. Only Queensland licences were required. Our assessment instruments for these types of plant are based upon the Queensland Assessment Instruments.


Candidates must pass a knowledge test. They will need to show their old ticket or other evidence, such as a sign off from an employer, a statement listing the types of equipment and the duration of operational experience, as well as a practical demonstration (just like they would to get the old ticket).


These points will give you an overview of our system.


  • We are currently refining our VOC System for third-party ISO:9001 Certification.
  • The VOC System was designed to allow VOC assessments to be made for a broad range of skills and tasks.
  • Based on their experience and qualifications, we accredit Assessors for our system.
  • Many of our assessors have been or are Accredited Assessors in their respective state or territory regulators.
  • Certificate IV TAE 40110 must be obtained by assessors
  • The equipment they are assessing must be used by the assessor for at least five years.
  • An assessment must be conducted by an assessor who has a relevant qualification, such as a High-Risk Work Licence (or a previous Certificate of Competency in Plant Assessments).
  • Accreditation lasts one year. There is an application fee that ensures that assessors are committed.
  • Accredited Assessors can conduct Verification of Competency assessments (VOC) for classes they are accredited for.
  • Our system assessors must be audited at minimum once during their accreditation period and upon renewal. This is to ensure integrity.
  • As evidence of competency, candidates for assessments receive a Blue VOC Card.
  • Assessors receive the appropriate Stationery and Assessment Instruments. All of our assessment instruments were designed by National Competencies.
  • The Bluetron Assessment System is used by assessors to conduct assessments on-site.
  • As an interim verification, a blue carbon copy is issued to the candidate if he is deemed competent.
  • Competency Report showing classes that have been assessed while they wait for their plastic cards to be processed
  • If the Candidate has been deemed not competent, a pink carbon copy VOC remedial action report is issued. This reports the areas that need to be addressed before the candidate can apply for re-assessment (eg, refresher training).
  • After assessment is complete, all assessment documentation and assessor reports are sent within seven days to this office. Upon receipt, a durable plastic Blue VOC card will be issued to the candidate.

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