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AlertForce WHS Courses – Quality Safety Training


AlertForce is the premier choice for meeting your work health and safety (WHS) obligations as an employer or an employee. With an extensive range of OHS/WHS training courses, online courses, and in-person training in every state and territory, we have all your WHS legislative requirements covered.


Training a Safer Workforce Throughout Australia


We offer comprehensive safety training for businesses across all sectors. For over a decade, we have helped train safer workers. AlertForce started in 2008 with a health and safety course for the transport industry before expanding to cover fatigue management, working at heights, and more.


We specialise in compliance training to help you meet work health and safety (WHS)/occupational health and safety (OHS) laws and contribute to WHS awareness. Our training includes online, face-to-face, or blended courses for fast, flexible solutions.


Our courses are available nationally. Whether you need Sydney safety training or work health and safety NSW courses, we can likely accommodate your training requirements. AlertForce training is available in the following areas:



All courses follow nationally recognised guidelines for each unit of competency. We also provide access to pre-course materials immediately when applicable. Discounts are often available for group training. Contact us today to learn more.


Why Should You Attend WHS Courses?


The Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act, which was eventually succeeded by the Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) Act, outlines specific safety requirements designed to reduce the risk of workplace injuries and accidents.


Under the WHS Act, employees may be legally required to complete nationally recognised training courses before carrying out certain work activities. Whether you are a WHS manager, HSR, worker, or person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU), you may need to complete one or more safety courses through an approved training centre.


Explore Our Selection of WHS Courses


AlertForce offers safety training for a variety of potentially hazardous work activities. Here is a closer look at our courses.


Asbestos Awareness


Any work that may involve contact with asbestos or asbestos-containing materials requires asbestos awareness training. The 11084NAT course (previously 10675NAT) fulfils these requirements. Our course covers best practices for detecting and identifying asbestos, helping to reduce exposure to harmful materials.


Asbestos Removal


Before removing asbestos, workers must hold a certificate for the unit of competency related to the type of asbestos being removed. CPCCDE3015 (Class A) is needed for removing any amount of friable asbestos. CPCCDE3014 is required for the removal of more than 10 square metres of non-friable asbestos. We also offer the Supervise Asbestos Removal (CPCCBC4051A) and Conduct Asbestos Assessment (CPCCBC5014A) courses.


Confined Spaces


Learn proper confined space entry procedures with our confined spaces training course. We offer face-to-face confined spaces training to teach participants how to identify hazards before completing work in a confined space and how to use safety equipment.


Fatigue Management


Fatigue management training covers the skills and knowledge needed to apply or administer a fatigue risk management system. It is often used by heavy vehicle operators to reduce the risk of on-the-road accidents related to fatigue.


HSR Training


Health and safety representatives (HSRs) must complete HSR training to receive the power to issue work stoppages and provisional improvement notices (PINs). Our HSR training options include a five-day course for new HSRs and an online refresher.


IMDG Code Courses


We offer a complete range of International Maritime Dangerous Goods Training (IMDG) courses. All courses are available online with immediate access to learning materials. They are regulator-approved and internationally recognised.


Manual Handling


Workers in health care, construction, offices, or warehouses should complete manual handling training to learn safe techniques for lifting, pulling, or moving heavy objects. Manual handling also covers best practices for performing repetitive manual tasks.


Traffic Control


Traffic control training is necessary for those who want to learn the procedures for directing traffic around a worksite, including using a stop/slow bat and implementing a traffic management plan. We also provide traffic management training and a live site practical assessment.


First Aid Course


Our First Aid Training course offers a comprehensive learning experience, blending online theory with practical face-to-face sessions at our Mitchell Training Facility. This training covers essential first aid and CPR techniques, aiming to prepare participants for various emergency situations.


WHS Act Awareness


WHS Act awareness training is recommended for everyone. We have courses that thoroughly explain worker obligations, manager obligations, and office obligations under the WHS Act, ensuring compliance with all safety requirements.


White Card Courses


White card training is necessary for anyone setting foot on a construction site. It covers the basic safety hazards and procedures when working or entering a construction site. Training lasts one day and is recognised nationally.


Working at Heights


Working at Heights training covers the skills and knowledge needed for increased height safety. It is a requirement for any work that presents the risk of falling from a height. Our course teaches workers height safety procedures, including checking work equipment and safety systems before carrying out work from heights.


E-Learning Courses and OHS Courses Online


Along with in-person training, we offer a wide range of online solutions, including e-learning courses. We have over 200 videos and courses covering workplace health and safety requirements, food safety, privacy awareness, and more.


Sign up for Reliable Safety Training from a Leading RTO


AlertForce has a complete range of courses available in cities throughout the country. We make it more convenient to meet your WHS requirements. Contact us today to sign up for an upcoming course.


“In over 20 years of training, this was one of the best courses I’ve ever attended.”

Queensland Rail

“Great! The instructor made it interesting and enjoyable”

Leighton Contractors

” We heard that AlertForce delivers one of the best courses around so the boss decided to send me to Australia from New Zealand.”

Participant Public Course

“I liked the trainer’s positive outlook and uplifting approach towards completing the long day.”


“Very competent training course. Trainer was very knowledgeable on subject.”


“AlertForce provided an excellent trainer,  knowledgeable on the topic and allowed for active questioning.”


“Informative and concise training delivered at the right pace.”

“The Trainer was very engaging”

Fair Work Commission

“Interesting, informative, relevant.”

Airservices Australia

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