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Working as a traffic controller requires specialised training. Workers need to learn the proper techniques for directing traffic and the steps for implementing traffic management plans.


With the completion of traffic control training in Brisbane, you can earn the certification needed to direct motorists or other workers.


What Is Traffic Control Training in Brisbane?


Approved training centres offer two main programs for traffic control and management. These two courses include:


  • RIIWHS205D – Managing traffic using a stop/slow bat
  • RIIWHS302D – Implementing road management plans


RIIWHS205D is the first course that controllers need to take. The program often includes instruction for following two other standards if you would like to work over the border in NSW:


  • RIIWHS201D – Working safely and following WHS policies
  • RIICOM201D – Communication in the workplace


The initial course is designed to teach workers how to perform the duties of a traffic controller. The courses cover practical skills and theory for directing vehicles on the road or a work site. The primary topics include:


  • How to assess and respond to changes in road and weather conditions
  • How to write and maintain incident reports
  • How to implement risk assessments
  • How to communicate using proper equipment, such as two-way radios


After completing RIIWHS205D, workers may choose to complete RIIWHS302D to learn the skills needed for implementing traffic control plans.

Why are these courses necessary? Construction sites near or on roads bring additional risks.


Vehicles, pedestrians, and site workers are all at risk of collision or falling equipment. To minimise the chance of an accident, someone needs to control the flow of movement of all vehicles and people near the construction sites.


Besides construction sites, you may need to implement traffic management plans at shopping centres, warehouses, or special events.


Do You Need a Licence for Traffic Control in Brisbane?


Yes, you need the required licence to control the flow of vehicles. You can earn the licence after the successful completion of the RIIWHS205D traffic management course Brisbane. The licence has an expiry date of three years.


The licence is often necessary for the construction industry when working on public transport and main roads. Before it expires, you need to complete the renewal course. If you wait longer than 90 days after the expiration date, you will need to retake the initial course again.


How Do I Become a Traffic Controller in Brisbane?


To become a traffic controller in Brisbane, you must first complete the courses discussed and earn the required licence. However, before taking the courses, you need to earn your white card.


The white card is also known as construction induction training. It is a requirement for anyone entering or working on a construction site. Unlike the licence, the white card does not expire.


White card training teaches the basic steps for completing risk assessments and writing incident reports. These steps are also covered during RIIWHS205D. Besides the white card, the course requirements include the need for a valid driver’s licence.


After obtaining a white card, you can enrol in the required programs. RIIWHS205D teaches you how to control traffic with a stop slow bat. However, there is much more to managing vehicles.


During the program, you will learn how to follow the guidelines outlined in the OHS Act, which includes:


  • Using stopping sight distances
  • Maintaining road incident reports
  • Responding to changes in the road conditions
  • Communicating with workers using various devices
  • Developing and implementing risk assessments


After completing RIIWHS205D, you may complete RIIWHS302D to learn how to develop road management plans. The main course topics include:


  • Setting up signage as required by the Department of Transport
  • Monitoring the flow of vehicles on roads and highways
  • Properly maintaining signage and equipment
  • The steps needed for closing access to vehicles
  • Preparing and implementing management plans


Depending on your job duties, you may need to complete RIIWHS205D or both programs. To learn more about the requirements for your specific role, talk to your supervisor or health and safety representative.


What Qualifications Does a Traffic Controller Need in Brisbane?


The primary qualification for becoming an accredited traffic controller is the licence that you get after completing RIIWHS205D. However, if your job duties require the creation of a road management plan, you also need to complete RIIWHS302D.


After completing one of these courses, you take an assessment test to determine whether you understood the course content. You then receive a statement of attainment while the licence arrives via post.


How Much Is a Traffic Control Course in Brisbane?


The average cost of the RIIWHS205D program or the RIIWHS302D program is between $280 and $400. The cost can vary depending on the state or territory and the training centre.


These courses typically take four to five hours to complete. However, some providers offer combination programs that include both courses. At AlertForce, attendees can complete their competency for both standards to save time and money.
Registered training organisations also offer refresher courses to ensure that you remain compliant with WHS standards and regulations.

If your job requires you to direct vehicles or you want to work as a traffic controller, enrol in an approved training program.

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